Technicolor Dreams – April 25, 2022

graphix: spwilcen


Ward1 had a bit of a mishap dispensing my meds a while back.  Lead to him taking a bit of vacation.  Seems for a normal brain, some of my meds have long-term, unpredictable consequence. Some of us, the more capricious of the residents here, are now breaking-in a new attendant, Reginald, a behemoth of a lad, every bit of six feet and eight inches.

My guess is Reggie weighs about the same as a Cummins diesel engine, less wiring.  He is, near as I can determine, without wiring himself, so that lends credence to my comparison.  Reggie doesn’t have a full tank of gas, you know.  I’ve not yet determined if that gives him an edge or puts him at a disadvantage dealing with some of us here. Will say that Reggie is so goddam tall I need a step stool just to look him in the eye.  Not allowed stepstools, brooms with long handles, and control of my own meds,2 I’ve not yet figured a way to neutralize Reggie.  I’m working on it.

“Reginald, what pill did you just give me?”

“The little white one, Espie.”

“Reggie! Didn’t you check the list first?”

“What list?”

“The one Ward gave you.”

“Oh, that one. Hunh, I um, I lost it, I think.”

“You think!  That must have been an exciting experience for you.”3


“Never mind.”

“’Sokay. You gotta take the white pill sometime today, anyway, huh?”

“That’s for evening.”

“Evening, morning, lunch… Say, isn’t it time for lunch?”

“It’s ten AM, Reggie.”

“Gosh! No wonder I’m hungry.”

“Reggie, my man, focus here. The white pill puts me on my ass. I won’t be able to do anything but sleep. Lemme look at the pill case.”

“No. They told me about that. ‘Bout you guys messing with your meds and stealing pills and doin stuff…”

“Reggie.  That white pill puts me down, everything shuts off except my bladder and you’re gonna be changing sheets the rest of the damned day.”

“No, you’re messing with me now.”

“Just unlock the cabinet, get the booger out and show me.  The green one will almost cancel out the white one”

“You promise you won’t steal none of’m, and…  Espie?”

“  “


“   “

“Espie?   Hm.  Wonder if there’s any breakfast left in the cafeteria?”

Dreams, we all have dreams.  White pills are good for dreams.  Technicolor dreams. Stereo. Panavision. Filmed on location in Sybaritic Happyland.  No animals or caretakers were injured in the filming of this…

…who, disguised as a mild mannered, nearly literate WP blogger dedicated to upsetting apple carts, calling spades spades, and fighting for truce, juice, libertine…

…nobody knows but the WP blogger knows, what seek darkrets plurk in the man of mindkine…

…meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Lone Blogger, not realizing his faithless detractor Tonticus Reader was disguised as a troll…

— Notes –

1 So. Okay. You wonder who Ward is. Take a look here, going back to December in the year 2020, not altogether a bad year, somewhat musty, belying a dry red, but leaving earthy overtones, hints of black currant and gooseberry.

2 Pills. *&%^*&%&^ pills. Love’m. Hate’m.  Say.  If poemetry is your thing…

3 There’s a min-insult for you. Freebie. You’re welcome.

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