File Under – May 9, 2022

photo: spwilcen

Loose Change

Lies are resilient. Millennia are required to erase a lie. At best, lies are only unrecognizably eroded.

Truth is fragile.  Truth often dies at birth. The faintest wind of deceit forever destroys truth.

© spwilcen 2022

Forget I said that.
The jury will disregard…
People say…
That’s not the way I heard it.

Published by spwilcen

Retired career IT software engineer, or as we were called in the old days, programmer, it's time to empty my file cabinet of all the "creative" writing accumulated over the years - toss most of it, salvage and publish what is worthwhile.

3 thoughts on “File Under – May 9, 2022

  1. On the contrary, I have always thought of it that way. The world revolves around lies, and truth is what we aspire to or demand from others while we swallow, hook line and sinker, the lies we hear and “see”, because anything we see that has been shown to us through the lens of a video camera…as in cable/tele news…is also a lie. Well said Espie

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