The Problem – June 1, 2022

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The problem is not the rabbits.  Rabbits have a purpose.  That, we may safely assume, to be succoring fleas and nourishing coyotes.

So, as nature has it, let them be.

When rabbits abandon luxuriant stands of wild oats and timothy, burrow under fences, vault into raised garden beds to devour spinach, kale, lettuce, and other unnatural ‘foods,’ then deciding an enclosure convenient to such opiates ideal, burrow under foundations and into tended lawns and beds of inedible flora, they are correctly removed. Refusing removal, they are fairly executed. Be that by encouraging coyotes to cohabit with lettuce patches and harvest natural prey, by remarking to domestic canines it’s okay to follow instinct thereby discouraging rabbit infestations, or, no excuses Whining Tree Huggers, ratshot.

Welcome to the Real World

No apologies to the Liberal [at my convenience] Left.  None to the whining, ‘it’s not disturbing my way of life’ or ‘all creatures have rights’ loonies. Rats are creatures. Mosquitoes and Tsetse files are creatures. Crocodiles are creatures; I leave it to LLers and WTHers to draw a conclusion from that.

Before you charge-off suggesting the apparent easiest way out, the expedient, painless, bothers no one way, as the only correct way, look further. What are a problem’s other contributing causes, suggesting, demanding composite solutions?

No problem’s solution is slap-your-forehead simple.

This is the twenty-first century.  It is time both the liberal left and the ridiculous right realize that. There is no cut-and-dried answer to questions of abortion, ethnic or ‘racial’ prejudice, global famine, religion, environmental catastrophe, firearms, or political and corporate corruption. That’s for starters.

Third Planet Civilization

We’ve not been visited by aliens because they see how we conduct ourselves. Why would they visit a cesspool civilization?

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17 thoughts on “The Problem – June 1, 2022

      1. It’s a stupid question, but I’ll ask anyway (stupid is as stupid does): then you believe that simple solutions are possible?


    1. Perhaps. Only perhaps. Asking the “wrong” question should (or used-to in days before political-correctness and cancel-culturing) lead to examination of the quandary and reformulation of the question before charging-off in search of answers. Answers. Not The Answer. Answers. “No” on the issue of easy answers, more correctly no Easy Correct Answers. Take any incendiary issue. Any One Correct Solution has negative side-effects, ancillary ripples, collateral damage. Somewhere. Proponents of THE Answer will be delighted. Perhaps an equal number of answer-seekers will be sorely pissed with implementation of THE Answer.

      Avoiding the obvious, take for example the overrunning of a sovereign state, Ambul, by another sovereign state, Bambol, because the grass is greener in Ambul. Bambol determines extinction of Ambulans not knuckling-under to domination acceptable. The rest of the world WATCHES. Is this aggression wrong? Are Ambulans at fault? Okay, ignore the questions; if for whatever reason WATCHING nations determine Bambol ought not be overrunning, how best to stop this aggression? Shame them into retreating? Flood Bambol with imported greener grass? Blow the sovereign land-mass formerly Bambol into oblivion, creating the Bambol Ocean?

      War to cancel War. What a concept.

      Society, my friend, hasn’t the intelligence to ask the right questions, is therefore equally hopeless in a quest for THE Answer.

      So we give up?


      Discourse. Failing that…

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      1. I did t mean such questions that are more leading to solve complex issues of society. I just remembered that one of the reasons I was very successful as a detective was that I learned to ask the right questions and also provide the precise replies at court…

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  1. In the past several weeks, I have had at least five different people representing five different pest control companies come to my front door trying to sell me pest control solutions. In each case, I had to explain to them that their solutions caused other unintended consequences before pointing out the “No Solicitation” sign on my front door. We attract birds which eat many of the pests – and generally, I like birds. Same deal with the people coming around trying to sell me on having a greener lawn. Would be nice, but the fertilizers run off into the storm sewers which eventually end up in the lake where we get our drinking water. Sure. I’ll saw my own head off in an instant. It’s better to put up with certain pests than to add to the over chemicalization of our lives.

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    1. I suggest the pest control people in your area lack salesmanship skills. Five people from three different companies, now there you go, the American way! Mosquitoes a problem? Not for me, I fancy a run with malaria, dengue, equine encephalitis. Same with fleas and ticks. Little bit of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is good for ya. There are natural ways, ways that don’t on DD47H23F6, petrochemicals, and so on. Like your bird friends. Good plan. Blue birds and swallows for mosquito control. Don’t need a greener yard, a natural wildlife buffer is good. You have your solution. Me? The rabbits slow down just the tiniest bit, I’ll deal with them my way. Shopping now for a falconer’s club locally…


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