Just Like That – August 9, 2022

Queued 7/27/2022

If you recall

Or maybe not.  Seems, though, I’ve mentioned my current plans for casa refurb were to hold the line against attempts to put me to work painting until autumn and cooler weather. Seeing as how I’m the one gonna do the painting and far as I know there’s no “season” for house painting, my reasons are really nobody’s business.

Also think I mentioned where Boss and the Downstairs Crew Chief ganged-up on me about painting the new bathroom.  Two days after I successfully made my case, Crew Chief made it a point to tell me, with Boss standing right there, that the Crew had hit a snag which would put them off a day.  He then reckoned I had the whole weekend to paint the room and have it dry by the Crew’s return Tuesday. 

Why not? The paint was ready even if I wasn’t.

Yeah, so?

While it wasn’t exactly clear in subsequent blog dribble, I acquiesced. Two coats acquiesced, finishing-up neigh eleven Pee of Emm the last weekend evening.  Because? Because there would be no end to the tooth-chipping I’d have to endure if I didn’t.  Why’d it take so long? Because I do have other ongoing, time-consuming responsibilities.  Even on weekends. 

Painting is wonderous fun.  I can think of few things I’d rather do more than painting. That, newbies, is pure sarcasm.

But that’s a one-off, right?

Sure. All but ‘cept.  I am reminded that I’ve sixteen rooms to paint.  And a garage. There will be no “crew” save yours truly.  Washing, tending nail-pops, seam cracks, poorly placed and now patched wall mounting holes, sanding, resurfacing where needed, re-sanding, and in a few cases priming [some of the existing colors are dark, dark, dark] before painting. Walls, ceilings, and trim.

Bleak Christmas outlook?

Not necessarily. An October start would let me finish by Turkey Day. But it is a lot of work.  Tedious work. Did I mention humping heavy furniture from room to room to accommodate ladders and drop cloths?  Understand, when a room is finished and dry, there is quite necessarily a requirement to re-install the [still heavy] furniture.  Every thought of the project makes me cringe.

You sense my solution?

Get the project started. Get it out of the way.  Over. Done with. [Until it is determined after all that that particular beige is just not quite right for the guest bedroom. Or whatever.] 

So, for the next three months [hopefully] don’t be curious why my posts fall off.  Three months? Bad math? Nope.  Summer.  Many chores and summertime projects cannot be ignored.  I suspect gonna be a lot of eleven Pee of Emm paint sessions.

There is a ‘plus’ in this

With rooms torn apart while in-process [two minimum at one time – the target room and the one holding the target room’s furnishings in addition to its own] certain people will be less inclined to back me into a corner and suggest there is another, more important new project to be tended.

Just like that

I’m in the painting business.


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