Quickie Quiz – August 10, 2022

It might be that the subject of mortality [your own or someone else’s] is something you do not care to consider .0  If mortality disturbs you, do not read on.  We understand, you sissy.

When you die _____.

  1. you will be buried.
  2. you will be cremated.
  3. you will be entombed.
  4. your remains will be donated, as for medical research.1
  5. your remains will be launched into outer space.
  6. you will be dead.
  7. you will be ‘buried’ at sea.
  8. ever trendy, your remains will undergo alkaline hydrolysis.
  9. cryonics will preserve your remains to be reunited with your immortal consciousness.
  10. you will be ‘reborn’ as a dog, dung beetle, greater human, or something.
  11. your mortal remains will be otherwise disposed.2
  12. none of the above.

You would think as famously verbose and [according to many] boring as I am, it would be no small matter to dirty-up a handsome amount of white space to sneakily keep the answer out of your immediate line of sight.

It is not, I assure you.

I am too lazy to research exhaustively, but in the USoffA, according to the National Funeral Directors Association, post death disposition is fairly-well a fifty-fifty split between ‘1’ and ‘2.’ Cremation, as multiple sources suggest, is of late becoming more common. 3

The correct answer, of course, is ‘6.’

PSA: don’t defer the entirety of decisions around this subject to be managed by those you “leave behind.” When [assuming of course, “if”] it happens, your friends and loved ones will have enough to worry about without becoming familiar with Mister Mortician.

0 Some adamantly declare mortality/immortality a non-issue, or the distinction between the two beyond our [mortal] understanding. Meh.

1 Which merely defers the ultimate answer.

2 Seriously doubt all options are covered. Options. Somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

3 As for any bifurcated proposition, documentation suggests no definitive answer. NFDA Smithsonian USA Today USNews Washington Post [apologies as this is one of those MSM organizations insisting on PPV or subscription viewing.

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