Morning Brief – August 12, 2022

graphix: spwilcen

DIY advances

After self-ticketing and self-schlepping baggage, domestic travelers will welcome the latest air travel innovation. 1

The TSA announced today that by mid-autumn, self-check security lanes will be in operation at most major US airports.  Should travelers experience difficulty with self-check security, fifteen to twenty TSA agents will be idling on-hand at the head of each DIY security lane to help travelers validate their picture IDs, pat themselves down, or determine how much further to strip.

In a related press release, FAA officials reported, the agency hopes by spring 2024 to have completed plans for self-piloting.  Major air carriers welcome this advancement.  No longer required to provide pilots and flight attendants for domestic flights, airlines look to improve profitability.

NTSB officials could not be reached for comment on either development. They are busy with plans to streamline incident investigations in the spirit of efficiency.

1 You do realize this is satire.  No? Then you deserve to be fooled.

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