Calipers, Blades, and Mallets – August 13, 2022

graphix: spwilcen

Dealing with disappointment

Expect more of yourself than others. You can remedy only certain missed expectations.  Guess which ones those would be.

Published by spwilcen

Retired career IT software engineer, or as we were called in the old days, programmer, it's time to empty my file cabinet of all the "creative" writing accumulated over the years - toss most of it, salvage and publish what is worthwhile.

5 thoughts on “Calipers, Blades, and Mallets – August 13, 2022

  1. There are many expectations that are missed. Life is more crowded with failures than with successes but when success comes, who can think of the failures. Actually, they are not failures at all, but learning opportunities. Have a great Saturday Espie! All the best!

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