It’s Okay to Lie to Your Children – Septembler, 20, 2022

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Sarcastic opinion, kiddies.
No worries, Lexiphobes, not even five bucks

Momma said

“If you keep making that face, Junebug, it’s gonna freeze like that for the rest of your life.”

Which explains, why so many {expletive} butt-ugly people are running around today – Momma was right.

Eat your broccoli

No, not really.  Every parent, realizing it or not, tells their children lies.  Lies to get them to eat broccoli. Lies to keep them from picking their noses at the dinner table. Lies like “all people are really the same down deep.”

Lies like, “You keep playing with that, Cleon, it’s gonna fall off!”

Because we love you, Billie Jean

Your kids love you and trust you. They believe you. [You’ve convinced them that] you wouldn’t lie to them, so everything you say is gospel.  Undeniable, irrefutable, Carl Sagan fact.  Go ahead. Fill their heads with crap.  Like, “People are all essentially good people. But you gotta watch out for them Catholics.  And, remember, you can’t call someone an idiot, because you might hurt their feel-goods.” 

That’s why children grow up with [learn] intolerance and mistrust.  They easily adopt your half-baked [but honest?] truths, intolerance and xyzphobias. If ever you’re discovered lying [by your offspring] and they want to know why you were such a Pinocchio, tell them “Because we love you and want you to be happy and well-adjusted, just like your dad and me.”

Choose your lies carefully

Especially when speaking to [indoctrinating] your children.  Emulate Republicans and Democrats.  Learn when and how big prevarications are acceptable. Know you can lie with abandon to police officers, your minister, people of misguided political orientations, and other people’s children. Go ahead, {expletive} with their minds.  But as your children mature, they might somewhere along the line [What?  You can watch them 24×7?] be exposed to an influence engendering independent thought. Mold [screw with] your children’s minds with more caution as they mature, abandoning as they do, your flawed Republican principals in favor of superior Democratic boonswaggle.

Professional liars

Republicans and Democrats are accomplished liars.  They’ll lie when the truth sounds better.  Remember, they have your best interests at heart. Just as you do when protecting your children with sacred lies.

Lies are a positive force in life

Not such a bad thing protecting your children [and sometimes yourself] from harm. Besides. A good lie is always much, much more convenient than any truth.

Well, yours are.

What’s the harm?

After all, you turned out okay, right?


You cannot harvest bananas from an apple tree.

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