Roger and Larry – Septembler 23, 2022

graphic schtuff: spwilcen

Lexiphobes: spend five bucks, get change back!

Want rain? Best get you some clouds first

Trusted Weathermen

“Gonna rain today, Larry.”

“There’s not a cloud in the sky, Rodge.”

“Dan E says so.”

“Guy out in Jackman County?”


“Dan’s a weatherman now?”


“How is that?”

“He was a farmer the hard way for years.”

“S’pose you gotta respect forecasting skills of a man who farmed longer than Democrats have owned slaves.”

“Farmers got skin in the game.”

“More than that. Money.”

“That’s what the expression means, you turkey.”

“Messing with you, Rodge. So. You see any clouds?”


“Gonna rain, gonna havta hurry to get some clouds. Not much ‘today’ left.”

“Come in pretty fast usually. Off the big lake you know.”

“See clouds north?”




“Dan E is only sixty miles west.  He live on a mountain taller’n ours?”

“No. But the Weather Bureau is calling for rain, too.”

“Did a quarter to six when I turned on the computer.”


“Five minutes later, they changed that to ‘not a chance.’  Went from pictures of clouds with lots of rain drops and lightning to pure sunshine.  Fastest I ever saw them change their minds.”

“Need some rain.  You’d think we’d get some. Those ice caps are melting, right?”

“Folks say so.”

“Where’s the water going?”

“Oceans, I guess.”

“Sun has more water for making clouds?”


“More clouds, more rain.”


“So what’s happening?”

“Rodge, dunno anywhere else, but we got no clouds here. Suspect California sucks-up all the new ocean water.  That’s the way they operate out there.”

“Well, gotta irrigate the big valley for celery and grapes.”

“More likely to green-up the golf courses and suburban lawns, fill swimming pools, and flush California toilets.”

“Weather Bureau says, ‘No rain?’”

“Right. Thinking they might have called this one right.  Where you going?”

“Gonna call Dan.”


“See if he has clouds.”

“You suspect he’s holding them back? He a Democrat?”

“No. He has clouds though, maybe we’ll get some later tonight.”

“Say ‘Hey!’ to Dan for me.”

“Sure. Uh, say, Larry?”


“Democrats been slave owners?”

“Thought that messed your mind.  Your eyebrows almost flew off your forehead.”

“Democrats never owned slaves.”

“Did. Since before the War of Aggression. Still do.”

“Dunno before the war, but slavery ended with the Emasculation Prostitution.”

“That was just on paper.”

“Slavery is no longer legal.”

“Oh, but ‘tis. Mandated. Equal opportunity slavery now.  We all, you and I, get to participate.”

“I’m listening.”

“Every American – middle class down – works to benefit government and rich people with a trivial siphoning-off of resources to placate the entitled. Out and out slavery.  Every damned law written works so the rich get richer, and the middle class and poor get poorer. Them that work, anyway.”

“Never looked at it that way.”

“That’s as it’s intended.”

“See ya later.”

“Stay dry.”

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Retired career IT software engineer, or as we were called in the old days, programmer, it's time to empty my file cabinet of all the "creative" writing accumulated over the years - toss most of it, salvage and publish what is worthwhile.

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