File Under – February 20, 2023

spwilcen Nonsense Trees cause forest fires. That makes no sense. It does. That’s solid logic. Don’t believe so. Okay. If you don’t have trees, you have no forest fire? Kind of a cart-horse situation. No trees, regardless of other conditions, no forest fire? I suppose. Remove trees. No forest fire. Add trees, forest fire? TreesContinue reading “File Under – February 20, 2023”

File Under – 2.13.2023

Loose Change spwilcen If you intend to blow a little steam, make sure you’re facing downwind. — Reminder, kiddies.  I rarely post “fiction” in the blog anymore.  When fiction is added to the site, it usually appears through the good graces of a link.  It’s a matter of economy. For casual, and especially lexiphiobic readersContinue reading “File Under – 2.13.2023”

Patchwork and Nonsense – May 31, 2022

graphix: spwilcen File Under – Down Home The Strait Skinny Allus seed a standup man.Mired his grit and guts.Much as we think we is he.We ain’t.Likely won’t.Prolly neer. –- For them what kint think outta tha box  – Allus: (1) you an me an themuns (2) all the timeGrit: cojones; neer say “die” kinda thinkinKint:Continue reading “Patchwork and Nonsense – May 31, 2022”

File Under – May 9, 2022

photo: spwilcen Loose Change Lies are resilient. Millennia are required to erase a lie. At best, lies are only unrecognizably eroded. Truth is fragile.  Truth often dies at birth. The faintest wind of deceit forever destroys truth. © spwilcen 2022 — Forget I said that.The jury will disregard…People say…That’s not the way I heard it.