Hidden Works – May 31, 2023

spwilcenski “Fiction” hides from free access. Periodically some work may be exposed for free reading. They will remain accessible for only a week or two. What are you in the mood for today? HST325 – History of Technology Exposed 5/31/2023 Expires 6/15/2023Humor, college paper parody. Idle moments while in college lead to pranks beyond whatContinue reading “Hidden Works – May 31, 2023”

Double-Century Flash – May 28, 2023

graphx: spwilcen The story below is a two-hundred-word flash. It’s suitable for children.  Young children, especially those just beginning their adventure with school and learning, will relate. –>> The whole of the little flash is included in this blog, because clearly (with hard statistics backing the claim) nine out of ten of passers-by will notContinue reading “Double-Century Flash – May 28, 2023”

Bag Lady – May 23, 2023

Posting note 5/22/2023. This piece has been in-progress since 3/22/2022. Purely by coincidence it obliquely aligns with another blogger’s recent personal experience. This piece is fiction. When life dangerously echoes fiction [or vice-versa, all fiction rooted in reality] it becomes horror. I’ve concern for the well-being of my fellow blogger. Hopefully, the real life issueContinue reading “Bag Lady – May 23, 2023”

Free Advice – April 19, 2023

What you get for free is almost always worth what you pay for it. In the backyard. At the Big Boy Toy Emporium. Seated around the table at Sunday dinner. In someone’s garage or in the office at the Co-op.  We’ve all been sucked into conversation with or overheard the arrogant dude who in allContinue reading “Free Advice – April 19, 2023”

Dark (Flash) Fiction – February 26, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Trigger: dangerous situation Is there a difference between sane and crazy? Are sane and crazy opposite endpoints on a continuum?  Maybe instead of endpoints they are juxtaposed points on a continuum?  If so, how broad the dividing line between them? Where does crazy end and sane begin? Where does sane end and crazyContinue reading “Dark (Flash) Fiction – February 26, 2023”

Dark Flash – February 8 – 2023

grapx: spwilcen Something of a success here.  Scribbled insomnia notes transcribed to over three hundred words of first draft. Three hundred word is still “flash.”  I thought to flesh it out, to help readers better understand characters and setting.  It grew. When it hit five hundred words, I realized I’d gone the wrong direction. SoContinue reading “Dark Flash – February 8 – 2023”

From the Archives – Octember 14, 2022

spwilcen Here’s a bit of flash fiction pulled from archives outside spwilcenwrites. SciFI and Speculative Fiction. Originally in TheProse 7/10/2020. Here in spwilcenwrites 10/14/2022.  Nine-minute reading time at 995 words. One, two, three, four, five.  Five people as different from each other as night and day are cloistered in a bus stop, momentarily isolated fromContinue reading “From the Archives – Octember 14, 2022”

Overheard – Septembler 25, 2022

graphix: spwilcen A century on the nose. Dalliance in Austin Texas “Seeing anyone, Handsome?” “Married.” “Trouble at home?” “No.” “Why are you here?” “She’s out of town.” “On your own?” “Um-hm.” “And you ended-up here?” “Yes.” “Come here often?” “Not often enough.” “Never seen you before.” “Usually get what I need at home.” “Why comeContinue reading “Overheard – Septembler 25, 2022”