Dark Flash – February 8 – 2023

grapx: spwilcen Something of a success here.  Scribbled insomnia notes transcribed to over three hundred words of first draft. Three hundred word is still “flash.”  I thought to flesh it out, to help readers better understand characters and setting.  It grew. When it hit five hundred words, I realized I’d gone the wrong direction. SoContinue reading “Dark Flash – February 8 – 2023”

From the Archives – Octember 14, 2022

spwilcen Here’s a bit of flash fiction pulled from archives outside spwilcenwrites. SciFI and Speculative Fiction. Originally in TheProse 7/10/2020. Here in spwilcenwrites 10/14/2022.  Nine-minute reading time at 995 words. One, two, three, four, five.  Five people as different from each other as night and day are cloistered in a bus stop, momentarily isolated fromContinue reading “From the Archives – Octember 14, 2022”

Overheard – Septembler 25, 2022

graphix: spwilcen A century on the nose. Dalliance in Austin Texas “Seeing anyone, Handsome?” “Married.” “Trouble at home?” “No.” “Why are you here?” “She’s out of town.” “On your own?” “Um-hm.” “And you ended-up here?” “Yes.” “Come here often?” “Not often enough.” “Never seen you before.” “Usually get what I need at home.” “Why comeContinue reading “Overheard – Septembler 25, 2022”

Six-Words of Story in Two-hundred Words – Septembler 10, 2022

Pictographix: spwilcen “What do you think of my six-word story: She had murderous hate for him.” “You’re not doing it correctly.” “What?” “That’s no six-word story.” “It’s six words!” “It has that that going for it.” “There you go!” “Makes it a six-word sentence.” “Story.” “Six words that make sense don’t make a six-word story.”Continue reading “Six-Words of Story in Two-hundred Words – Septembler 10, 2022”

Morning Brief – September 2, 2022

graphix: spwilcen (Broadcast version) Is this Cancel Culture? Not certain because neither the ICM or UUC could be reached for comment on underlying reasons. The International Council of Mushrooms announced today it would no longer allow Ugly Unicorn Cola to pitch themselves as official cola of the ICM. [Ed note] The Daily Blabber not yetContinue reading “Morning Brief – September 2, 2022”

Am I Not Scientific? – June 26, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Well kiddies, belatedly reviewing my newsfeeds – behind for all the reading necessary attempting to wedge understanding into my noggin about the Roe/Wade hoopla – I came across an article that suggests now and again I sparkle with genius. The Desert Sun, early this morning Spacific Time Zone, reported on a plan toContinue reading “Am I Not Scientific? – June 26, 2022”

Morning Brief – May 14, 2022

graphix: spwilce Start the Day with a Healthy Breakfast “Yessir, Don, love mornings.  Grab The Blade from the driveway.  Say ‘Howdy’ to the neighbor’s Golden, Rufus.  Inside, Giselle’ll have breakfast…” “Matt, it’s been ten years…” “Nothing says love like three sausage links, hash browns, two sunny-up eggs, rye toast…” “Matthew…” “Black coffee.  Chat with Giselle. Continue reading “Morning Brief – May 14, 2022”