Morning Update – January 35, 2034

graphix: spwilcen Sadly, oh so sadly, this is all-too-real satire. 2024 National Election Prospects [5:13 AM Left Coast Time] Talltree Times and Trader has just learned from a second trusted source that the conflict between (Giggler) Kammy Harris and (C’mon, man) Sleepy Creepy over who should be Democratic candidate for First Clown in upcoming nationalContinue reading “Morning Update – January 35, 2034”

Where the Hell Did This Come From – August 31, 2022

graphix: spwilcenIf you don’t know what this means, you are an idiot. Oh, Sleepy Bidness, forgive us our debtsIncurred borrowing for that Master’s in Expressive Arts,Though we knew better.Whereupon erstly concluding sixteen years of education,Some of which unavoidably included math and economics,We are entitled idiots. May the working class clownsPay taxes through the noseTo wipeContinue reading “Where the Hell Did This Come From – August 31, 2022”

Gimmick – April 21, 2022

graphix: spwilcen That’s what I need.  A gimmick.  Gave it some thought.  If I get something that captures readers’ imaginations or appeals to their prurient interests, I’m all set.  No need to work writing quality stuff.  However, being all about responsibility, I chose not to go about this haphazardly.  Needed some rules.  Criteria for respectabilityContinue reading “Gimmick – April 21, 2022”

The Tower of Arlives – April 13, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Days of Arlives In days of yore, very way yore, there was a feud twixt the Days and the Fortnites.  Fortunes of conflict swung back and forth, favoring for one generation the Days, the next, the Fortnites.  At last, High Lordship Rudy Fortnite saw a way to put end to the feud once,Continue reading “The Tower of Arlives – April 13, 2022”

The Humble, Royal Vegetable – March 26, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Guest blogger Stanislaus Kowalski Lest you incorrectly surmise the major premise of the gastronomic declaration forthcoming, let me get a few facts out there right off the bat.  Put us on the same page of the cookbook, so to speak. — Make no mistake, I like a good pizza.  In younger years, sayContinue reading “The Humble, Royal Vegetable – March 26, 2022”