Quickly – June 2, 2023

Quickly – June 2, 2023 graphx: spwilcen Very quickly this morning, because nearly a bajillion1 things are screaming for completion. Not that I’ve been ignoring them and they’ve swolled-up.2 It’s that certain days of the week come with certain responsibilities. Thursday is get the trash ready for pickup and positioned by the garage door. FridayContinue reading “Quickly – June 2, 2023”

Hidden Works – May 31, 2023

spwilcenski “Fiction” hides from free access. Periodically some work may be exposed for free reading. They will remain accessible for only a week or two. What are you in the mood for today? HST325 – History of Technology Exposed 5/31/2023 Expires 6/15/2023Humor, college paper parody. Idle moments while in college lead to pranks beyond whatContinue reading “Hidden Works – May 31, 2023”

Galactic Calculus Anyone? – May 24, 2023

graphx: spwilcen How on earth is it possible? It is not. Not by earthly laws of physics. We had a visit from the Aliens. Formal Dinner hosted in honor of the Aliens. Beef stew. Oven Rolls with honey butter. Finger fruit. Four diners.  1 adult(DA), 3 Aliens(Da).  As the professor scrawled it on the whiteboardContinue reading “Galactic Calculus Anyone? – May 24, 2023”

Everybody Up-to-date? – May 22, 2023

spwilcenski MA: body-shaming; un-PC-ness; cranky old guy language as usual This morning, cold cereal for breakfast.  Bran flakes.  Soggy. Only way to eat them. A timing problem this morning.  I want to wrap quickly and head to the Libarry. Been accused of writing “kind of like so-and-so” so I want to research the level ofContinue reading “Everybody Up-to-date? – May 22, 2023”

Eye-to-eye – May 19, 2023

Players.  Something less than charming.  Hip, today persons living “the life” somewhat insincerely, maybe only hopeful of gaining advantage over another by leading them to assume genuine, unselfish interest.  Players enjoy the “game.” Those “played” not so much when the veil drops. What if? spwilcen Less than 100 words. Don’t blink. Players B0b: I’ve enjoyedContinue reading “Eye-to-eye – May 19, 2023”

Looking Back – May 18, 2023

spwilcenski What I’m offering today is so-to-speak, a rerun, a cheap-shot pull from the archives.  Originally posted August 3, 2020, I doubt any (save one) of my followers will recall it. While you might recognize my detail-twisting style and almost believable embellishments [lies], the underlying story told on myself is true. Sadly. Hedging My BetsContinue reading “Looking Back – May 18, 2023”

Hidden Works – May 17, 2023

spwilcen “Fiction” hides from free access. For a very short time some work may be exposed for free reading. What are you in the mood for? Blueticks, GPSes, and Democrats Exposed 5/17/2023 Expired 5/24/2023Conversational anecdote. Ben and Cliff chat about training Ben’s young Bluetick, Beau.  Good at what Blueticks do best, Beau has a bitContinue reading “Hidden Works – May 17, 2023”

Surrender – May 14, 2023

spwilcen Carping about the advance of years frequently visits spwilcenwrites.  I have fun with it.  It’s often humorous, at least to me.  Might as well laugh about it, the only alternative being to cry. [Disclaimer: if you think you can eat enough kale and Brussels sprouts, run enough marathons, wear out sufficient Stairmasters, and decorateContinue reading “Surrender – May 14, 2023”

Lies! Lies! Lies! – May 13, 2023

spwilcen There are areas of our lives where we do not benefit from MSM truth-o-meter services. Concepts and false realities fester unchecked until, by Zeus, we believe them true and let them make life less than blissful.  Here are a few I find particularly odious. Procrastination Overrated. Some have been infected so long, they flauntContinue reading “Lies! Lies! Lies! – May 13, 2023”