Five Minutes – Octember 5, 2022

Black Magic: the early yearsgraphix: spwilcen Prologue Having practiced Life in Five-minute Segments1 for an immodest number of years, I’ve become quite adept at capitalizing on those miniscule opportunities.  Especially when infrequent, I selfishly use them to do things I want to do.  Shaving, tying my bootlaces, checking the oil level on Black Magic, thoseContinue reading “Five Minutes – Octember 5, 2022”

Character – Octember 4, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Just yesterday or the day before, I don’t remember and being an old fart, I’m entitled to forget, in fact might be chastised if I didn’t routinely forget, but I let the keyboard post a piece about children becoming adults.  The tragedy of it, that is. It might speak to the strength ofContinue reading “Character – Octember 4, 2022”

What’ll Ya Have? – Octember 3, 2022

Or as The Varsity1 Counter Masters would say, “What’ll ya have, what’ll ya have?”2 Looking for fiction?  A short story?  Maybe a bit of humor, sarcastically peppered, ribaldly salted? A poemetric piece? A vignette dressed as a melancholy milestone? Pure silliness or lunacy? Noir with a bit of jaundice? Rusted, twisted fairy tales? Not here,Continue reading “What’ll Ya Have? – Octember 3, 2022”

Survey Says – Septembler 26, 2022

spwilcen A smidge of clarification For those not familiar with the meaning of today’s title – certainly non-USofFA residents – it refers to early evening television’s “Family Feud” and the phrase spoken by the host as contestant’s proposed answers are about to be compared to audience responses. You might be a fan – the hostContinue reading “Survey Says – Septembler 26, 2022”

Overheard – Septembler 25, 2022

graphix: spwilcen A century on the nose. Dalliance in Austin Texas “Seeing anyone, Handsome?” “Married.” “Trouble at home?” “No.” “Why are you here?” “She’s out of town.” “On your own?” “Um-hm.” “And you ended-up here?” “Yes.” “Come here often?” “Not often enough.” “Never seen you before.” “Usually get what I need at home.” “Why comeContinue reading “Overheard – Septembler 25, 2022”

Roger and Larry – Septembler 23, 2022

graphic schtuff: spwilcen Lexiphobes: spend five bucks, get change back! Want rain? Best get you some clouds first Trusted Weathermen “Gonna rain today, Larry.” “There’s not a cloud in the sky, Rodge.” “Dan E says so.” “Guy out in Jackman County?” “Yep.” “Dan’s a weatherman now?” “Better.” “How is that?” “He was a farmer theContinue reading “Roger and Larry – Septembler 23, 2022”

It’s Okay to Lie to Your Children – Septembler, 20, 2022

all this graphix junk: spwilcen Sarcastic opinion, kiddies.No worries, Lexiphobes, not even five bucks Momma said “If you keep making that face, Junebug, it’s gonna freeze like that for the rest of your life.” Which explains, why so many {expletive} butt-ugly people are running around today – Momma was right. Eat your broccoli No, notContinue reading “It’s Okay to Lie to Your Children – Septembler, 20, 2022”

ADHD and OCD – Septembler 19, 2022

graphix: spwilcen No worries, Lexiphobes. Less than fifty words. Alias Roger and Larry “No, no, no, no!” “Yes, yes, yes!” “One more.” “Yes!” “Thank you.”  “No problem.” “Don’t say that.” “Why not?” “It trivializes the meaning of ‘you’re welcome.’” “Doesn’t. I appreciate how you are about matched sets, even numbers and… Oh, look!  A squirrel!”Continue reading “ADHD and OCD – Septembler 19, 2022”