Everyone is a Writer – February 1, 2023

spwilcen Kicked a Stone It’s true.  Everyone is a writer.  Precious few good ones.  A few more mediocre.  The uncountable rest working somewhere in the shadows of terrible. But “writers” all. Busted! [You say:] Look, you old grouch.  Everyone talks.  It’s natural.  Same with writing.  It’s natural. You cannot, you old bastid, declare most “writers”Continue reading “Everyone is a Writer – February 1, 2023”

Efficiency – January 14, 2023

graphix: spwilcenTSG Approval: 2023-01-004-KEULexiphobe Clearance: Yawn Kicked a stone As a rule, no, as a general principle, I do not believe in multitasking. Multitasking is inefficient and exposes multitasked activities to otherwise avoidable mistakes and accidents. You lie to yourself if you believe working “A” and “B” at the same time or even only partiallyContinue reading “Efficiency – January 14, 2023”

Kicked a Stone – Octember threeteenth, 2002

spwilcen All walks in life are not scenic rural paths or bustling city avenues. Rather enjoy megastore parking lots.  It you’re alert and any kind of observant, you’ll chance across an abandoned penny here, another there. Now and again a nickel or a dime. It’s rare but you might be the first to happen byContinue reading “Kicked a Stone – Octember threeteenth, 2002”

Kicked a Stone – Septembler 30, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Perhaps on long walks, I should ignore my inner voice. Or walk different routes so singular scenery steals attention from pernicious perplexities. — Challenging life sometimes mimics breathing in a sandstorm.  There are resources: Confused by finance, ask a banker.Should eternity escape comprehension, hear a shaman.When fidelity seems undefinable, observe your neighbor.Worried overContinue reading “Kicked a Stone – Septembler 30, 2022”

With A Nod To… – July 19, 2022

graphix: spwilcen My previous post passed-off another “Calipers, Blades, and Mallets” piece.  Discreet offerings to disclose origins of posts streamed under CBM, “Kicked a Stone,” “Penny’sworth Philosophy,”  “Nickle Notions,” “Loose Change,” and a few less-frequent WP Burma Shave roadside signs have gone unredeemed.  Your loss.  Short of dumping the genesis of those posts unasked, IContinue reading “With A Nod To… – July 19, 2022”

Kicked a Stone – June 24, 2022

graphics: spwilcen Perspectives Investigation earlier this week suggested equipment repair I was working on lacked a small, specialized retainer. The local hardware store was just a mile from the hacienda, so I thought I’d scuff my boots with a walk.  If they had something that would work, fine. If not, I got a break andContinue reading “Kicked a Stone – June 24, 2022”

Kicked a Stone – June 14, 2022

photo: spwilcen Inclement weather this morning.  Could have walked.  Chose not to.  Took a long mental walk. Still, there were stones beneath my feet.  Impossible not to scuff a few with my boots.  If you watch, every life event talks to you of who you are, maybe, if you pay close attention, who you ratherContinue reading “Kicked a Stone – June 14, 2022”

Where’d I Leave Off? – May 12, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Mouseover. About that mental walk yesterday: Didja conceptualize that next Nobel Literature piece?  Decide whether it would be steak or brats on the grill tonight?  NSFW.  I say bad words.  I call spades, “spades.”  Times like these, even my momma wouldn’t like me. It seemed I was about to say [Okay, ‘write.’ YouContinue reading “Where’d I Leave Off? – May 12, 2022”

Kicked A Stone – May 11, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Mouseover Under 250 words.  Reading time 6 hours, forty-five minutes, three seconds.  Say!  If you can’t read these mouseovers, let me know.  I’ll get them engraved on a kitty collar.  Take a pic of the kitty. Upload it. Add it to a post.  Know you like pictures of kitties. Therapeutic, these long walks. Continue reading “Kicked A Stone – May 11, 2022”

Kicked A Stone – May 8, 2022

graphix and pics: spwilcen Long walks and introspection are healthier than any little round Chemcomed thingey.  Put on your shift-kickers, don a light jacket, and wander a back road.  Best pre-dawn or as dusk implacably challenges daylight. Four personalities make decent social intercourse difficult if not impossible. Narcissists, mercenaries, politicians, and idiots. These very peopleContinue reading “Kicked A Stone – May 8, 2022”