Work Stoppages – January 24, 2023

graphix: spwilcen Triggers: None. Unless you can’t brook honesty.TSG Approval: 2023-01-010-EEFLexiphobe Clearance: Go away. Seriously, go away. Happy-happy.  Not a how-to or DIY. Ramblings1 on work stoppages at Chez spwilcenwrites. Maybe you experience these curses.2  There might be an idea for you here. At least consolation that you do not suffer alone. Writer’s block AcknowledgeContinue reading “Work Stoppages – January 24, 2023”

Puppets – Special January 21, 2023

graphix: spwilcen Triggers: Language. Trashing a too-treasured social etool. Politics.TSG Approval: 2023-01-008-MRCLexiphobe Clearance: Too think-y for lexiphobes I’m curious There is a talented ventriloquist, however you interpret his personal philosophies, who never fails to spark a mild fever of humor for me.  I run across him now and again when some dork sends me toContinue reading “Puppets – Special January 21, 2023”

Frozen Dessert – January 21, 2023

graphix: spwilcen Trigger: Language, politiciansTSG Approval: 2023-01-007-ERMLexiphobe Clearance: Don’t blink Calipers, Blades, and Mallets Pissing in the snow does not make lemon sorbet. What’s that mean? Take Politicians. People don’t like your horse?  Paint it blue, put a zit the size of a banana on its forehead, and it’s a unicorn.  Close enough. Consider MainStreamContinue reading “Frozen Dessert – January 21, 2023”

Beware the “Smile” – January 19, 2023

graphix: spwilcen Didn’t make the cut for the “Fiction” tab.*  Needs work.  Won’t get it.  I’m done with it. Triggers: Language, cynicism, and innuendoTSG Approval: 2023-01-006-HoHumLexiphobe Clearance: Shy 300 words Smiles “Lookit!” “What am I supposed to see?” “Ronnie over there. Damned if he ain’t smiling at you.” “So?” “Means he’s glad to see you. Continue reading “Beware the “Smile” – January 19, 2023″

Pretty Good Day – January 18, 2023

graphix: spwilcenTriggers: Language, cynicism, and innuendoTSG Approval: 2023-01-005-AOKLexiphobe Clearance: Less ‘notes,’ hardly 300 paltry words Progress? Not really. Got some un-project work done today.  Looking back, not much of it was on any to-do list.  No, it’s not my style to add spur-of-the-moment chores to an official to-do list so I can then cross themContinue reading “Pretty Good Day – January 18, 2023”

Morning Brief – January 4, 2023

graphix: spwilcen Answered prayers From our MSM friends at NBC News – Whoa-up Californica!  Get your buckets out. Build reservoirs in Beverly’s Hills. This is a dream come true; you’re getting the water you covet.  Get busy.  This way you won’t have to build a pipeline from the Great Lakes with Federal funds to keepContinue reading “Morning Brief – January 4, 2023”

Crunchy Oriental Chicken – Septembler 13, 2022

credits: spwilcen And a surprise Hey dudes.  What I got here is a super cool chicken recipe. Was dining with Sophie and Mink over at their restaurant, “Chen’s Palace.”  After they’d closed-up for the night.  Mink and I had just finished installing the new dishwasher downstairs.  Booger of a job.  Upstairs, Sophie had two coldContinue reading “Crunchy Oriental Chicken – Septembler 13, 2022”

Morning Brief – August 12, 2022

graphix: spwilcen DIY advances After self-ticketing and self-schlepping baggage, domestic travelers will welcome the latest air travel innovation. 1 The TSA announced today that by mid-autumn, self-check security lanes will be in operation at most major US airports.  Should travelers experience difficulty with self-check security, fifteen to twenty TSA agents will be idling on-hand atContinue reading “Morning Brief – August 12, 2022”