AI (Aee Eye) – March 18, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Triggers: Not PC (duh). Politics. Grumpy Old Mannishness. Lexiphobes, relax. Barely 500 words. Your latte won’t have time to cool. Artificial Intelligence [Note: As an IT or information technology guy for over 50 years I understand all the steam about Artificial Intelligence. Not prevaricating.  I just fingered it up again, and that’s correct:Continue reading “AI (Aee Eye) – March 18, 2023”

Odds and Ends – March 11, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Triggers: California bashing. Fat shaming. Probably language. Flooding in california.  I don’t care.  Atmospheric river?  Again, I don’t care.  I’m hoping for an earthquake to completely rip off all of the landmass well east of San Andreas and send most of califoernia (washinton and orgon could come along too, okay by me) intoContinue reading “Odds and Ends – March 11, 2023”

Under Warranty – March 9, 2023

gaphx: spwilcen Triggers: Codger rant. Language. Innuendo. Certainly not PC. 125% USRDA sodium content. UnWoke. Ethnic slurs. Lexiphobes beware. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Not a real stretch of imagination Suppose your brand new Sparkmobile Superba hasn’t quite the spark you’d like. In fact, the last time you endeavored to pass someone on Main StreetContinue reading “Under Warranty – March 9, 2023”

Sequitur – March 5, 2023

graphx: spwilcen – matchbook cover from the mid 1960s* If you see a naked man, that’s because he has no clothes on. Men can’t understand women because women aren’t men. Empty pockets are sustainable. Confused audiences don’t hear better when you yell. Look before you leap and then don’t. It’s easier to understand what someoneContinue reading “Sequitur – March 5, 2023”

Odds and Ends – March 4, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Friends and Neighbors If there’s someone in your life you take for granted or someone who might think you take them for granted,  find them and let them know you do not take them for granted.   Maybe go so far as to tell them you love them.  I guarantee you, you will notContinue reading “Odds and Ends – March 4, 2023”

Penny Candy – 03-03-2023

graphx: spwilcen Triggers: NSFW. Language and innuendo. Lexiphobes beware. Not politically correct. Roy Rogers’ horse. Opinion. What it is, is a wakeup call Do you remember… …penny candy? I have vague recollections.  They may be tainted by understanding both words, being woke, and the ease with which I can convert those words to an ideaContinue reading “Penny Candy – 03-03-2023”

Student Loan Follies – Continued – 2-3-2032

graphx: spwilcen Triggers: Language, Politically incorrect, politics, lexiphobe hazard Opinion Forced to read MSM tear-jerker personal interest reporting1 while trying to see what the nation wants2 and where the SCoTUS is headed with the student loan forgiveness business, I find it interesting that a youth3 gets upset over a $50,000 student loan debt.  I wouldContinue reading “Student Loan Follies – Continued – 2-3-2032”

File Under – 2.13.2023

Loose Change spwilcen If you intend to blow a little steam, make sure you’re facing downwind. — Reminder, kiddies.  I rarely post “fiction” in the blog anymore.  When fiction is added to the site, it usually appears through the good graces of a link.  It’s a matter of economy. For casual, and especially lexiphiobic readersContinue reading “File Under – 2.13.2023”