It’s Okay to Lie to Your Children – Septembler, 20, 2022

all this graphix junk: spwilcen Sarcastic opinion, kiddies.No worries, Lexiphobes, not even five bucks Momma said “If you keep making that face, Junebug, it’s gonna freeze like that for the rest of your life.” Which explains, why so many {expletive} butt-ugly people are running around today – Momma was right. Eat your broccoli No, notContinue reading “It’s Okay to Lie to Your Children – Septembler, 20, 2022”

Nertz – Septembler 14, 2022

credits: spwilcen Not suitable for Beat dudes and dudettes, cool daddies, poemetricists, and effete intellectuals. Safe for Lexiphobes. Opinion. Purely opinion, kiddies. Mentioning Kerouac, I think1 once, in posts, The Great WP AI Spirit has drubbed me about the ears with crap I didn’t want to read about: you betcha, Kerouac.  Analyses of his work. Continue reading “Nertz – Septembler 14, 2022”

Reported Missing – Septembler 11, 2022

pictographix: spwilcen Not ignoring it, but This is the anniversary of a piece of tragic American past.  World-changing.  Wake-up America, you must now recognize you are only part, a small part, of a larger world. Gotta Get Better Organized Working to categorize fifty years’ creative efforts, especially those of the last five, two things haveContinue reading “Reported Missing – Septembler 11, 2022”

Little People Fascinate Me – Septembler 9, 2022

pictographix” spwilcen Before you get your shorts in a wad I’m not referring to what we called in them ‘good old days’ ‘dwarfs’ or ‘midgets.’ [You remember them good old days of political incorrectness.] Here I mean, children. Little adult people. [Though today, ‘adult,’ sadly does not have the meaning it had in days past.]Continue reading “Little People Fascinate Me – Septembler 9, 2022”

Where the Hell Did This Come From – August 31, 2022

graphix: spwilcenIf you don’t know what this means, you are an idiot. Oh, Sleepy Bidness, forgive us our debtsIncurred borrowing for that Master’s in Expressive Arts,Though we knew better.Whereupon erstly concluding sixteen years of education,Some of which unavoidably included math and economics,We are entitled idiots. May the working class clownsPay taxes through the noseTo wipeContinue reading “Where the Hell Did This Come From – August 31, 2022”

Pursuit – August 28, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Horror in One-hundred Words He’s chased after me for years.Twenty.No, thirty, maybe.Maybe more.Memory failsBecause more important worriesSteal my attentions.Always he’s there,Behind me, closing-in.Pushing me to be faster,To push harder,To put more than two steps between us.When that fails,To be smarter.Even that fails.Last night,Beaten and weary,My eyes closedAnd my mind disconnected.After three-hours’ restless sleep,EjectedContinue reading “Pursuit – August 28, 2022”

With Grace – August 27, 2022

graphix: spwilcen You should ask for no more May Grace provide that –Your ego never outgrows your Stetson,Confidence and your feet are comfortable in your Ariats,Your compassion flows as easy as cool water to thirst,When a friend needs a hand, your ropers are in your waistband,Your pony understands you as well as any woman,Needing toContinue reading “With Grace – August 27, 2022”

If That Don’t Scare the Hell Out of You – August 26, 2022

Photo by Artem Podrez on Reported by “Live Science,” “life” coaxed into existence without egg, sperm or any other naturally procreative bother. There’s a brave new world for you, Aldous! We just lost part of the speculative fiction category All those speculative fiction stories about creating life without males, or creating life without females,Continue reading “If That Don’t Scare the Hell Out of You – August 26, 2022”

Rain, Grass, Rabbits, Squirrels, and Whorehouses – August 26, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Pretend you understand what this means. I’m tired of explaining. This Scares the hell out of 1,000 words. Go look for a kitty cat picture. Espie hasn’t visited in awhile “Looks like rain.” “What’s rain ‘look like,’ Jimmy?” “You know, Mister Espie. Clouding-up. Temperatures dropping. Bit of wind.” “Yeah.  I was just jerkingContinue reading “Rain, Grass, Rabbits, Squirrels, and Whorehouses – August 26, 2022”