Knuckle Down, Buckle Up – 03-03-2023

graphx: that guy March.   Still winter up here.  Just recovered from Ma N’s last foray into prime time entertainment last week. Or was that two weeks ago?  My!  How time does fly when it’s all about fun and frolic. Newsfeed confirms what Farmer Dan (and Boss) found necessary to toss at me to mess-over myContinue reading “Knuckle Down, Buckle Up – 03-03-2023”

Penny Candy – 03-03-2023

graphx: spwilcen Triggers: NSFW. Language and innuendo. Lexiphobes beware. Not politically correct. Roy Rogers’ horse. Opinion. What it is, is a wakeup call Do you remember… …penny candy? I have vague recollections.  They may be tainted by understanding both words, being woke, and the ease with which I can convert those words to an ideaContinue reading “Penny Candy – 03-03-2023”

Student Loan Follies – Continued – 2-3-2032

graphx: spwilcen Triggers: Language, Politically incorrect, politics, lexiphobe hazard Opinion Forced to read MSM tear-jerker personal interest reporting1 while trying to see what the nation wants2 and where the SCoTUS is headed with the student loan forgiveness business, I find it interesting that a youth3 gets upset over a $50,000 student loan debt.  I wouldContinue reading “Student Loan Follies – Continued – 2-3-2032”

Political Pondering – 3-1-2023

graphx: spwilcen Triggers: language, politics, lack of Woke-PC-ness Opinion Happy March I guess.  Hard pressed to come up with much suggesting [read your newsfeeds, Kiddo] March intends to be more benevolent than any previous month.  Let’s hope.  And each in our own way work toward that. I’m curious It appears to me “conservative” memes areContinue reading “Political Pondering – 3-1-2023”

Morning Update – 2-28-2023

graphx: spwilcen Not really a retraction Geeze. I may have to rethink my little fuss over Sleepy Creepy’s Student Loan forgiveness treachery. Why? Because in catching-up on my newsfeed reading, I discovered the WSJ editorializes along the same separation of powers arguments I made.* That can’t be right. I need to rethink my position. —Continue reading “Morning Update – 2-28-2023”

Student Loans – February 28, 2023

graphx: spwilcen OPINION Forgiveness.  In front of SCoTUS Forgiveness?  Pro or con, can we allow Hocus Potus to establish or reinforce precedent with this policy action? Congress in charge of enacting law. SCoTUS in charge of ruling on constitutionality of law.PoTUS in charge of enforcing.1 law. You looking for this entitlement? I’m sorry.  You signed theContinue reading “Student Loans – February 28, 2023”

Happy-Happy – February 25, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Tiggers: language for you prudish types; > 1000 words for lexiphobes Really? Why? Up here in the Rust Belt we got slapped stupid by Ma Nature late Wednesday afternoon.  What began as a rain, turned to freezing rain that came down not in immense quantity but as temperatures were ideal, ice accumulated everywhere. Continue reading “Happy-Happy – February 25, 2023”

Six Pounds of Plastic – February 23, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Language, innuendo, and stereotype triggers At least that’s what it seems like senior citizens are expected to carry around. Aw, c’mon [man] it can’t be that bad! It is. Lookit. I had a group of membership, eligibility, benefits, and so-on cards new for this year.  Not brand-spanking new, replacements for the cards IContinue reading “Six Pounds of Plastic – February 23, 2023”

Kicked a Stone – February 22, 2023

graphx: spwilcen It’s all about the money. Anyone else notice more and more “news” sites1 now demand paid subscription or at the very least that readers disable ad-blocker software?2  Especially disgusting are blatantly biased MSM news sites originating from previously respected and trusted organizations.6 Bad enough they have an agenda,3 but insane that they haveContinue reading “Kicked a Stone – February 22, 2023”

File Under – February 20, 2023

spwilcen Nonsense Trees cause forest fires. That makes no sense. It does. That’s solid logic. Don’t believe so. Okay. If you don’t have trees, you have no forest fire? Kind of a cart-horse situation. No trees, regardless of other conditions, no forest fire? I suppose. Remove trees. No forest fire. Add trees, forest fire? TreesContinue reading “File Under – February 20, 2023”