Double-Century Flash – May 28, 2023

graphx: spwilcen The story below is a two-hundred-word flash. It’s suitable for children.  Young children, especially those just beginning their adventure with school and learning, will relate. –>> The whole of the little flash is included in this blog, because clearly (with hard statistics backing the claim) nine out of ten of passers-by will notContinue reading “Double-Century Flash – May 28, 2023”

Bag Lady – May 23, 2023

Posting note 5/22/2023. This piece has been in-progress since 3/22/2022. Purely by coincidence it obliquely aligns with another blogger’s recent personal experience. This piece is fiction. When life dangerously echoes fiction [or vice-versa, all fiction rooted in reality] it becomes horror. I’ve concern for the well-being of my fellow blogger. Hopefully, the real life issueContinue reading “Bag Lady – May 23, 2023”

Rerun – March 25, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Recycling is all the rage… This is a repost. Sort of. “Claxbury Corners” wandered the pages of spwilcenwrites starting in January 2021, wrapping in May of 2022.  Subsequently buried behind the “Fiction” tab and unavailable to most readers, the link below is offered to serious readers who missed it, forgot it, or wouldContinue reading “Rerun – March 25, 2023”

If You are Interested – March 23, 2023

graphx: spwilcen PSA Just completed a link to the Fiction/noir page allowing access to the whole of “Puppetman” previously published as a six-part serial. In case you missed it. Or [snicker] in case you are a noir(police) fan and want to re-read it. Lexiphobes “Puppet Man” is too much of a challenge for you. WhileContinue reading “If You are Interested – March 23, 2023”

A Halloween Story – Octember 15, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Fictional works are not readily available here anymore.  That paradigm didn’t work well.  Discouraged readers and befuzzled spwilcen. This piece however is seasonal. Like a punkin it has limited shelf-life. So I offer it up through the back door. It comes with a mild warning of MA suitability. Relax. No punkins were harmedContinue reading “A Halloween Story – Octember 15, 2022”

Six-Words of Story in Two-hundred Words – Septembler 10, 2022

Pictographix: spwilcen “What do you think of my six-word story: She had murderous hate for him.” “You’re not doing it correctly.” “What?” “That’s no six-word story.” “It’s six words!” “It has that that going for it.” “There you go!” “Makes it a six-word sentence.” “Story.” “Six words that make sense don’t make a six-word story.”Continue reading “Six-Words of Story in Two-hundred Words – Septembler 10, 2022”

Morning Brief – September 2, 2022

graphix: spwilcen (Broadcast version) Is this Cancel Culture? Not certain because neither the ICM or UUC could be reached for comment on underlying reasons. The International Council of Mushrooms announced today it would no longer allow Ugly Unicorn Cola to pitch themselves as official cola of the ICM. [Ed note] The Daily Blabber not yetContinue reading “Morning Brief – September 2, 2022”

Pursuit – August 28, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Horror in One-hundred Words He’s chased after me for years.Twenty.No, thirty, maybe.Maybe more.Memory failsBecause more important worriesSteal my attentions.Always he’s there,Behind me, closing-in.Pushing me to be faster,To push harder,To put more than two steps between us.When that fails,To be smarter.Even that fails.Last night,Beaten and weary,My eyes closedAnd my mind disconnected.After three-hours’ restless sleep,EjectedContinue reading “Pursuit – August 28, 2022”

I Forgot – August 7, 2022

graphix: spwilcen But I’m allowed. Has to do with the number of birthdays celebrated. A short story not published here was posted August 5 to The Chamber Magazine. It is dark fiction. Out of norm for me. I know this appeals to many folks. If you want to see what the Chamber Magazine is allContinue reading “I Forgot – August 7, 2022”