Claxbury Corners – May 24, 2022

grqphix: spwilcen Afterthoughts This ends the Claxbury Corners’ vignettes.  I’m going to refer to it as a novella if you don’t mind.  While from the onset it was “plotted,” it does not honor the “novel” form with strong plotlines.  It is closer to, but longer than a vignette, certainly longer than a common anecdotal story. Continue reading “Claxbury Corners – May 24, 2022”

Claxbury Corners – May 22, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Episode XIX – Enough Politics Politically minded but not politically active until retirement, to this day I question my sanity.  I ran for, was elected, and served four terms as Claxbury’s mayor.  More or less goaded into the first run by former Mayor Don Robinson, eager to leave politics himself, I’ve no oneContinue reading “Claxbury Corners – May 22, 2022”

Flash Blog: See? – May 21, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Lookit [what a play on words that one is!1] what I seed in the news feed this morning.  News of LED contact lenses to address certain vision problems. Not to correct, but to actively treat.  This is amazing.  Here’s the link to a Scitechdaily article. “What,” you ask, “so tickles the old curmudgeonContinue reading “Flash Blog: See? – May 21, 2022”

Claxbury Corners – May 17, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Episode XVIII – Fallen Servants Bobby did a bang-up job coordinating the syndicate sale close.  Chasing a story, Larry scheduled a layover at a nearby metro airport on a coast-to-coast jaunt. Travel for me amounted to eight city blocks. We signed papers at ten AM. Bobby immediately started two-weeks transitioning.  With a fewContinue reading “Claxbury Corners – May 17, 2022”

Old Crew Wine Episode IX – May 15, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Episode IXDarkside Tommy Carrying a small duffle bag jammed with underwear, tees, socks, my shaving gear, and three pair of clean Levi’s, I pounded the button on the garage wall to open the garage door. Someone or something with a two-pack-a-day cigarette habit gravelled my name. It caught me by surprise.  Actually, putContinue reading “Old Crew Wine Episode IX – May 15, 2022”

Old Crew Wine – Field Report – May 13, 2022

graphix” spwilcen Episode VIIIField Report Mouseover. Assigned words today are violence, sleuthing, unbeknownst, harbinger, and trophies.  Best we dispense with these words quickly so as not to impede the flow of an otherwise delicious episode. Oh. For you lexiphobes – under 500 words. C Connie Warburton suggested we have late lunch at a Thai jointContinue reading “Old Crew Wine – Field Report – May 13, 2022”

Claxbury Corners – May 9, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Episode XVII – West Coast Calling Maybe a month after I’d talked with Bobby Martin on the phone, he called City Hall and asked me to stop by the Clarion Offices after the close of business.   The why of it was no secret. He wanted to go over the numbers on the latestContinue reading “Claxbury Corners – May 9, 2022”

Old Crew Wine Episode VII – May 8, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Episode VIITerms Reached C Connie Warburton stuck out her hand.  I guessed I was supposed to shake it.  Usually, like two dogs playing ‘you sniff me, I’ll sniff you,’ as far as I’m concerned, shaking hands is natural after “Bob, this is Elrod. Elrod, this is Bob,” but not so much when eitherContinue reading “Old Crew Wine Episode VII – May 8, 2022”

Old Crew Wine Episode VI – May 7, 2022

grahix: spwilcen Episode VI C. Warburton Agency By the time I finished-up with Lenny Hushmann, of L Hushmann, Private Inquiries and Surveillance on Beeker Street, I was hungry enough to eat Brussels sprouts.   Don’t think if someone had run up with a steaming plate of the damned things, I’d actually eat them, but knowing howContinue reading “Old Crew Wine Episode VI – May 7, 2022”

Old Crew Wine Epsiode V – May 5, 2022

graphix” spwilcen Episode VHush Investigations Hungry when I left the office to visit PI’s, searching for a snoop to track down the mysterious wannabe End-Times List subscribers, I thought to drive first to Hush Investigations, “Over Banoola’s Bar and Grill.” If the shamus wasn’t in or taking-on new cases, a bite to eat might salvageContinue reading “Old Crew Wine Epsiode V – May 5, 2022”