Six-Words of Story in Two-hundred Words – Septembler 10, 2022

Pictographix: spwilcen “What do you think of my six-word story: She had murderous hate for him.” “You’re not doing it correctly.” “What?” “That’s no six-word story.” “It’s six words!” “It has that that going for it.” “There you go!” “Makes it a six-word sentence.” “Story.” “Six words that make sense don’t make a six-word story.”Continue reading “Six-Words of Story in Two-hundred Words – Septembler 10, 2022”

Six Word Story – May 29, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Choices She did.  He didn’t.  They did. — Story – delivering a beginning, a middle, an end.  Setup, conflict, resolution.  Humor is a nice touch.  A smattering of philosophy adds flavor.  A moral delivers permanence. Above, clearly a beginning. A middle, An end. Separated into individual sentences for those among us needing helpContinue reading “Six Word Story – May 29, 2022”