Production Woes – February 5, 2023

spwilcen “Awright, kiddies, let’s get this blog post put to bed!” “Not ready yet, J.R.!” “Whozzat?” “Wendy Liftwitz, J.R., Graphics Coordinator.” “Well, Wendy Leftwhizz, what the hell do you mean? We’re scheduled to post in forty-five!” “Forty-three, J.R.!” “Now whodahell izzat?” “Bert Pendergast, J.R., Timing and Scheduling.” “Fine. So?” “Down to forty-two minutes and thirty-eightContinue reading “Production Woes – February 5, 2023”

Chatting as the Snow Fell – January 22, 2023

graphix: spwilcen Triggers: Stereotyping. Politics.TSG Approval: 2023-01-009-UUALexiphobe Clearance: Too many words for lexiphobes Larry and Roger – Kinda It was a wet and heavy Currier and Ives postcard snow.  Well past Twelfth Night; only the second significant snowfall for the winter.  While indeed picturesque, it was an insidious coronary assault on neighborhood old dudes. ThoseContinue reading “Chatting as the Snow Fell – January 22, 2023”

Beware the “Smile” – January 19, 2023

graphix: spwilcen Didn’t make the cut for the “Fiction” tab.*  Needs work.  Won’t get it.  I’m done with it. Triggers: Language, cynicism, and innuendoTSG Approval: 2023-01-006-HoHumLexiphobe Clearance: Shy 300 words Smiles “Lookit!” “What am I supposed to see?” “Ronnie over there. Damned if he ain’t smiling at you.” “So?” “Means he’s glad to see you. Continue reading “Beware the “Smile” – January 19, 2023″

Christmas Gifts Past – January 3, 2023

graphix: spwilcen Well look, it’s coming-up on Twelfth Night. Before that, it would be the proper thing to do to communicate again to gracious gifters how much I appreciate their thoughtfulness, creativity, and largesse. It might be a swell idea if I took another look at one or two that were, um, ah, unique.  YouContinue reading “Christmas Gifts Past – January 3, 2023”

The Season is Upon Us – December 10, 2022

graphix: spwilcen All nice boys and girls out there, and naughty boys and girls too, realize Espie is at the moment occupied1 elsewhere, denying them fresh drivel for the season.  That season indeed upon us but pressed elsewhere (into less agreeable activities) I nonetheless understand that conventional bloggers are compelled to offer-up something appropriately attuned. Continue reading “The Season is Upon Us – December 10, 2022”

Anecdotal Guidance – December 5, 2022

graphix: spwilcen The right way and the not right way Apparently, there are correct ways to go about most anything and everything.  Or, correctly declared, when you think experience has shown you how to correctly accomplish something, someone or some DIY social post comes along suggesting you’ve been doing it incorrectly all these many years.Continue reading “Anecdotal Guidance – December 5, 2022”

Crunchy Oriental Chicken – Septembler 13, 2022

credits: spwilcen And a surprise Hey dudes.  What I got here is a super cool chicken recipe. Was dining with Sophie and Mink over at their restaurant, “Chen’s Palace.”  After they’d closed-up for the night.  Mink and I had just finished installing the new dishwasher downstairs.  Booger of a job.  Upstairs, Sophie had two coldContinue reading “Crunchy Oriental Chicken – Septembler 13, 2022”

Roger and Larry – August 24, 2022

graphics: spwilcenSay, If you don’t read the notes, this is just five bucks and change. What’s in a Name? “Morning, Roger.  Howya doin’?” “Hmpf. Um. Oh. Sorry, Larry.  I was thinking.  What’d you say?” “Asked how you were.  Don’t need an answer.  You look like your shorts are in a wad.”1 “Boy, and howdy!”2 “What’sContinue reading “Roger and Larry – August 24, 2022”

Wardrobe Malfunction – August 4, 2022

graphix: spwilcen “You’re late.” “I know it. Sorry.” “Not like you.” “I texted. Check your phone.” “Dang. You did. At eight thirty-five you said: Running late. Be there nine twenty.” “What time is it?” “Nine twenty-one.” “Still Late.” “Not much.” “If I say eight o’clock, I mean eight o’clock, not eight-twenty.” “Nit-picking.” “Principle.” “What happened?”Continue reading “Wardrobe Malfunction – August 4, 2022”