Life’s Like That

4-24-2022: Content is being selectively restored. If you have an interest in a piece “withdrawn” do not be bashful; ask for it to be restored. Time permitting, I may do so, but only if asked.

All Life’s Like That CONTENT WITHDRAWN Except where indicated

This is a collector for little pieces: life observations and truly odd ramblings that could be blogs but have more permanence. Pieces will fit one of four themes.

Life’s Like That – Just observations and reflections

Here’s the Deal HTD – Usually humorous frustrations that don’t make the grade as full-blown rants.

Life in Five Minute Segments FMS – Pieces on life being interrupted by other pieces of life no more important than that just interrupted.

A Little Too Close to the Edge TCE- Pieces that might just cross the line to mild insanity.

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