Novels, Novellas, and Novelettes

The “story” form

Stories have a plot, a beginning, middle, and conclusion. Variations exist. Epilogues, Prologues, Afterthoughts, and the like are occasionally attached to the body of a story, especially longer forms. Stories are usually divided into episodes or chapters, very much the way stage plays are divided into acts and scenes.

Departing the short story form, generally accepted up to 7,500 words, writers and publishers [sometimes rather arbitrarily] separate longer story forms, branding them by length.


Novelettes run to less than 20,000 words.


Novellas run from 20,000 to 50,000 words.

Old Crew Wine

Prepared a mailing list so those who survive me can notify my correspondents of my passing. Strange things started happening even before it was time for publication. A bit of noir humor. And but of course, NSFW.

Claxbury Corners

Twenty interwoven vignettes span a little more than two decades decade in the life and lives of residents of a rural Midwestern town. An unnamed narrator, also an active participant, guides us through the years, occasionally with humor, now and again with insight, and of course as occurs in every life, with moments of sadness.


Novels run from 50,000 to 110,000 words. Beyond 110,000 words, publishers bandy-about names like “Epic” or “Serial.”


Metaphor is a complete novel in unique style. Not commercially published, it is not available on spwilcenwrites.

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