Short Stories

4-24-2022: Content is being selectively restored. If you have an interest in a piece “withdrawn” do not be bashful; ask for it to be restored. Time permitting, I may do so, but only if asked.


Young Adult and Children

The short stories immediately following were written for my grands.

General Audiences (unless indicated NSFW)

Some other stories ended-up “short” because they lost steam (but hopefully, not readability) before reaching novella or novelette boundaries.  In those cases, front- and back-ends might have been lopped-off to make them fit “short.”

There are some NSFW (surprise!) entries. Anything above “Flash” in length usually takes long enough to mature, so I remember to tag them “NSFW.” But not always.

  • Nose Job -12/17/2020 Ever had a “pimple” that wasn’t a pimple? Frustrating, right? Here’s my story.
  • Quarter to Two – 12/17/2020 Coffee with a buddy who never seems to remember his hearing aids.
  • Puppet Man – 6-Part serial – a day in the the life of a Deputy Sheriff. Approximately a 32 minute read (restored)
  • Spellcheck Spasms – 2020 Fanciful recounting of an old computist’s struggles with autocorrection insaneware. Based more than you think on personal experience. (Restored and opening in a new page, August 2022)
  • Favorite Insults
  • — No. 3 — Mrs. Folson 11/6/2020 (Blogged August 6, 2020)
  • — No. 4 — Jess’s Momma 11/7/2020 (Blogged August 12, 2020)
  • — No. 7 — “Kid” 11/29/2020 (Blogged August 4, 2020) (NSFW-ish)
  • — No. 10 — Mrs. Embry 11/6/2020
  • — Nos. 12 & 13 — Conroy 11/29/2020 (Blogged July 30, 2020)
  • — No. 15 — Widow Nelson 11/29/2020 (Blogged August 8, 2020) (NSFW)
  • Once Upon A Time
  • — No. 1 — Threadbare and the Three Princes (?NSFW) 10/5/2020 (restored)
  • — No. 2 — Big Bad Got A Bum Rap (10/21/2020)
  • Olga, Svetlana, and the Handsome Russian Lieutenant (NSFW) 8/31/2020 (restored)
  • Wardlow and Spencer 8/10/2020 (restored)

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