There’s a Story in It – February 10, 2023

Story time graphx: spwilcen But not from me today, Kiddies. What up, Dude? Went upstairs for a late afternoon cup of coffee.  Shouldn’t have.  Probably contributes to my insomnia.  I’ll never admit it.  That would belie my ability to leap tall buildings and carry a fist-sized chunk of Kryptonite in my hip pocket. Poured aContinue reading “There’s a Story in It – February 10, 2023”

The Problem – Octember 2, 2022

Opinion graphix: spwilcen The problem with children… …is that they grow to be adults. — Originally, the keyboard wrote “grow up to be adults.” Which implies “up” is an improvement or maturation. Neither of which is correct.  I submit maturation into adulthood or abandonment of childish wisdom is a tragic loss. Children are not toContinue reading “The Problem – Octember 2, 2022”

Little People Fascinate Me – Septembler 9, 2022

pictographix” spwilcen Before you get your shorts in a wad I’m not referring to what we called in them ‘good old days’ ‘dwarfs’ or ‘midgets.’ [You remember them good old days of political incorrectness.] Here I mean, children. Little adult people. [Though today, ‘adult,’ sadly does not have the meaning it had in days past.]Continue reading “Little People Fascinate Me – Septembler 9, 2022”