Goodbye to an Old Friend – Septembler 31, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Photo by Chris F on Goodbye, old friend. The calendar says this is the final day of September.  September has not aged well.  Starting out a robust youth, bright and summer-y, September has become an old man as months go.   Where he once encouraged the tail-end of garden goodies to prosper, he’sContinue reading “Goodbye to an Old Friend – Septembler 31, 2022”

Be Prepared – Septembler 28, 2022

graphix: spwilcen All of a suddenly, summer beat feet.  In the space of a day, we went from bone dry, grass parching, shirt soaking heat, to long-sleeve cool, dehumidifier running wide-open all-day damp.  Predominantly cloudy, intermittent sprinkle, cool-damp. It’s kind of nice.  Not yet cool enough you can see your breath while chasing squirrels fromContinue reading “Be Prepared – Septembler 28, 2022”

Color Aromas – Septembler 24, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Too bad. Click-out. This scares the hell out out a five and two ones. Not too many weeks ago I savored the marvelous green smells of spring and summer.  Aromas from my youth still powerful today, years past youth. No, not the pungent lacquer of fresh candy apple green on a 1939 FordContinue reading “Color Aromas – Septembler 24, 2022”

Autumn Leaves – October 25, 2020

It’s an oak leaf, you dummy. Alert: mouth got away from me.  It’s who I am.  Sub-alert: 976 words. Stimson passed by the yard just as I was putting the last of today’s purloined leaves into the third bag.  I intended later-on to take sample leaves down the street to compare against oaks there toContinue reading “Autumn Leaves – October 25, 2020”