Production Woes – February 5, 2023

spwilcen “Awright, kiddies, let’s get this blog post put to bed!” “Not ready yet, J.R.!” “Whozzat?” “Wendy Liftwitz, J.R., Graphics Coordinator.” “Well, Wendy Leftwhizz, what the hell do you mean? We’re scheduled to post in forty-five!” “Forty-three, J.R.!” “Now whodahell izzat?” “Bert Pendergast, J.R., Timing and Scheduling.” “Fine. So?” “Down to forty-two minutes and thirty-eightContinue reading “Production Woes – February 5, 2023”

Blogging is Tough – September 3, 2022

graphix: spwilcen But I’m giving it my best shot.  An alternate type of successful blog Recipes seem to be part of the blog scene. Time I try my hand at it.  Where to start? There are tons of chicken and bean soup recipes out there. Problem with all of them is they’re so complicated.  It’sContinue reading “Blogging is Tough – September 3, 2022”

How Was Your Day? – July 21, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Part 1 of 3 Let me tell you about mine first. Distraction For the third week now, I’ve managed very little writing.  Not much blogwork either. Witness missed posts and inferior quality of those I managed.  To say nothing of the fact I’ve done nothing on the piece I’m planning to submit byContinue reading “How Was Your Day? – July 21, 2022”

What’s Next? – December 25, 2021

Photographs: spwilcen Where next for the “blog”? It was never my intention to blog.  My blogging, if you call it that, started to support fiction works.  The idea was to get a larger audience to read and constructively comment. I’d either grow as a writer or learn a new trade.  Truth of it, failing, findContinue reading “What’s Next? – December 25, 2021”