Human Behavior – December 20, 2021

Graphix: spwilcen Following theo or another ‘ology,’ some humans insist humans are not animals but something superior to other branches of the animal kingdom.  Fewer humans argue humans less than “animal,” less noble, less admirable, less “whatever.” Sorry to burst your bubble, humans, but “other” animals could care less.   For the most part, humansContinue reading “Human Behavior – December 20, 2021”

Asked Alice – August 7, 2021

Why yes, all you need do is ask… “So, then,” asked Alice W, “can you tell me which way is ‘up’?” “Why is that,” asked M Rabbit, answering Alice’s question with his own, “so terribly important?” “Why, I ever so much would dearly love to go back to where I feel safe.” From across theContinue reading “Asked Alice – August 7, 2021”

Remember Clutch? – May 10, 2021

Gracie would happily play the role of “Cat” Introducing Cat “Whoa! When’d you get here?” “This morning.” “Why here?” “I’m a cat. Do pretty much whatever the hell I want.” “I can see that. That you’re a cat, I mean.” “That doesn’t bother you? That I’m a cat?” “Not particularly.” “Why not? You’re a dog,Continue reading “Remember Clutch? – May 10, 2021”