Character – Octember 4, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Just yesterday or the day before, I don’t remember and being an old fart, I’m entitled to forget, in fact might be chastised if I didn’t routinely forget, but I let the keyboard post a piece about children becoming adults.  The tragedy of it, that is. It might speak to the strength ofContinue reading “Character – Octember 4, 2022”

The Problem – Octember 2, 2022

Opinion graphix: spwilcen The problem with children… …is that they grow to be adults. — Originally, the keyboard wrote “grow up to be adults.” Which implies “up” is an improvement or maturation. Neither of which is correct.  I submit maturation into adulthood or abandonment of childish wisdom is a tragic loss. Children are not toContinue reading “The Problem – Octember 2, 2022”

Little People Fascinate Me – Septembler 9, 2022

pictographix” spwilcen Before you get your shorts in a wad I’m not referring to what we called in them ‘good old days’ ‘dwarfs’ or ‘midgets.’ [You remember them good old days of political incorrectness.] Here I mean, children. Little adult people. [Though today, ‘adult,’ sadly does not have the meaning it had in days past.]Continue reading “Little People Fascinate Me – Septembler 9, 2022”

Figure This One Out – February 23, 2022

Graphics: spwilcen Warning. Language How is it that people cannot remember things I did say, but have no trouble at all ‘remembering’ things I didn’t say? — You don’t understand? Of course not.  I obviously am the world’s worst communicator, written and verbal, both.  I speak with a lithp?  Suspect people lithen with a lithp.Continue reading “Figure This One Out – February 23, 2022”

The Plan – February 12, 2022

graphix: spwilcen I was doing some navel recon waiting for the Boss to complete one of her now-and-again visits to the library in search of new reading material.  Not much for me in the library lately.  No new Parker, Kaminsky, McBain, or Chandler works. Until they get busy again, that leaves me to write myContinue reading “The Plan – February 12, 2022”