Remember Clutch? – May 10, 2021

Gracie would happily play the role of “Cat” Introducing Cat “Whoa! When’d you get here?” “This morning.” “Why here?” “I’m a cat. Do pretty much whatever the hell I want.” “I can see that. That you’re a cat, I mean.” “That doesn’t bother you? That I’m a cat?” “Not particularly.” “Why not? You’re a dog,Continue reading “Remember Clutch? – May 10, 2021”

Service Alert – December 4, 2020

Once again, posts may be undependable through the first of next week.  Figure if FedEx takes pains to keep you aware, it’s the least I can do. Nobody gonna miss anything much, but it makes me feel better thinking someone could, and I got them covered. Something less than a standing ovation Ben Awhile popped-inContinue reading “Service Alert – December 4, 2020”

Clutch Chronicles IV – November 19, 2020

I’ve only draft Clutch and Espie vignettes left in odd states of completion.  They likely won’t be finished and posted for a number of reasons. When I began them, social unrest was at a frightening peak, both for the intensity of rioters’/protestors’ criminal activity and for the criminal activity (or inactivity) of certain elected executiveContinue reading “Clutch Chronicles IV – November 19, 2020”

Clutch Chronicles – November 16, 2020

Introduction Not so long ago, in a Galaxy 500, no, wait, that’s a different story about a black 1964 two-door hardtop… Early in 2020 I cut my teeth on another writers’ site but quickly burned out there for reasons not worth airing or appropriate here1. There, I did a throwaway piece which introduced a characterContinue reading “Clutch Chronicles – November 16, 2020”