Free Advice – April 19, 2023

What you get for free is almost always worth what you pay for it. In the backyard. At the Big Boy Toy Emporium. Seated around the table at Sunday dinner. In someone’s garage or in the office at the Co-op.  We’ve all been sucked into conversation with or overheard the arrogant dude who in allContinue reading “Free Advice – April 19, 2023”

Six-Words of Story in Two-hundred Words – Septembler 10, 2022

Pictographix: spwilcen “What do you think of my six-word story: She had murderous hate for him.” “You’re not doing it correctly.” “What?” “That’s no six-word story.” “It’s six words!” “It has that that going for it.” “There you go!” “Makes it a six-word sentence.” “Story.” “Six words that make sense don’t make a six-word story.”Continue reading “Six-Words of Story in Two-hundred Words – Septembler 10, 2022”

New QC Director – December 11, 2021

Graphix: spwilcen “Ms. Lockes, do you have special talents, suiting you for QC Director?” “Oh yes, indeed!” “Would you share them with me?” “I believe it boils down to careful inspection, accepting nothing less than perfection.” “By that you mean?” “One cannot settle for undersize or oversize, insisting on exactly meeting specifications.” “Certainly.” “Simply stated,Continue reading “New QC Director – December 11, 2021”

This One is a Freebie – October 19, 2021

Original graphic by spwilcen Aha! I see from the often dubious site statistics that someone went looking for “The Dentist’s Office.”  I dunno who, less why, but on the slim chance someone might have been interested in seeing just how far off the wall I go at times,1 I’ve reposted the text of it.  OriginallyContinue reading “This One is a Freebie – October 19, 2021”