OCW Episode X – July 1, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Episode X – One Down, Three to Go I watched Tommy Nondescript walk dejectedly down my driveway.  He turned at the curb, took two steps and was out of sight. I lost interest.  Did feel sorry for the man, working hard for a living and all, but was thankful his odd sense ofContinue reading “OCW Episode X – July 1, 2022”

Old Crew Wine – Field Report – May 13, 2022

graphix” spwilcen Episode VIIIField Report Mouseover. Assigned words today are violence, sleuthing, unbeknownst, harbinger, and trophies.  Best we dispense with these words quickly so as not to impede the flow of an otherwise delicious episode. Oh. For you lexiphobes – under 500 words. C Connie Warburton suggested we have late lunch at a Thai jointContinue reading “Old Crew Wine – Field Report – May 13, 2022”

Old Crew Wine Episode VII – May 8, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Episode VIITerms Reached C Connie Warburton stuck out her hand.  I guessed I was supposed to shake it.  Usually, like two dogs playing ‘you sniff me, I’ll sniff you,’ as far as I’m concerned, shaking hands is natural after “Bob, this is Elrod. Elrod, this is Bob,” but not so much when eitherContinue reading “Old Crew Wine Episode VII – May 8, 2022”

Old Crew Wine Episode VI – May 7, 2022

grahix: spwilcen Episode VI C. Warburton Agency By the time I finished-up with Lenny Hushmann, of L Hushmann, Private Inquiries and Surveillance on Beeker Street, I was hungry enough to eat Brussels sprouts.   Don’t think if someone had run up with a steaming plate of the damned things, I’d actually eat them, but knowing howContinue reading “Old Crew Wine Episode VI – May 7, 2022”

Old Crew Wine Epsiode V – May 5, 2022

graphix” spwilcen Episode VHush Investigations Hungry when I left the office to visit PI’s, searching for a snoop to track down the mysterious wannabe End-Times List subscribers, I thought to drive first to Hush Investigations, “Over Banoola’s Bar and Grill.” If the shamus wasn’t in or taking-on new cases, a bite to eat might salvageContinue reading “Old Crew Wine Epsiode V – May 5, 2022”

Old Crew Wine Episode IV – May 4, 2022

graphix spwilcen Episode IVSearching for a Cyber-dick   You’d think it would be easy.  If you have any internet presence at all, even only as a web-shopper,1 you are inundated with offers from people2 who are going to make you rich, make your life easier, find you true love, solve your back-yard mole problem, orContinue reading “Old Crew Wine Episode IV – May 4, 2022”

Old Crew Wine Episode III – May 3, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Never intended for this to drag on, to become episodic. However. Episode I According to WordPress, one day ago you learned of my grand plan to unfrustrate my heirs. The same scheme designed to make certain those left to open that bottle of Old Crew Wine and others were notified of my demiseContinue reading “Old Crew Wine Episode III – May 3, 2022”