The Struggle Continues – December 3, 2021

Graphix: spwilcen “You can’t write that!” “I can.  I did.” “I’m not saying that!” “Why not?” “Doesn’t fit my character.  Change my lines.” “Nope. Those are your lines.” “Not saying them.” “You have no choice in the matter.” “Do.” “Don’t.” “I’m not giving you any more help with this lame plot, either.” “Don’t need yourContinue reading “The Struggle Continues – December 3, 2021”

Unsolicited Endorsements No. 4 – November 14, 2021

Graphix by spwilcen Six words written. Dusty edits, posts. That was… Okay, you understand flash fiction takes skill?You betcha!You tried it?What’s your word goal?A thou?Five hundred?C-note?Half-dollar?Two bits? How about six words?  Call it Micro Flash. Hemingway did it. When not reviewing and explaining famous works or biographing notables, this poet regularly flashes fiction under aContinue reading “Unsolicited Endorsements No. 4 – November 14, 2021”

Snark Update – November 10, 2021

Graphix by spwilcen Keepin’ it small for all my friends afflicted with LOL (Late Onset Lexiphobia). Snark follow-up A previous post, On the Road Again, mentioned a snarky comment.  Posted to Prose 6/5/2020, this was the 97-word flash fiction that drew the comment. Loose Wires Her Ford was stalled too danged close to the turn-offContinue reading “Snark Update – November 10, 2021”

Take Your Pick – November 6, 2021

Graphics by spwilcen Today, I’m playing with genre and format.  One hundred word flash.  Three endings.  Take your pick. Noir Neat Wharton sold out.  After five days, I caught up with him at Corring Ferry.  My 228 in his ribcage surprised him more than my face.    In an otherwise empty freight office, Wharton asked,Continue reading “Take Your Pick – November 6, 2021”

Two Martinis – October 31, 2021

Photo by Toni Cuenca on The packed upscale bar was waiting room for the hotel’s four-star restaurant.  Entering the bar from the hotel lobby, I spotted three empty stools just inside the door.  Taking the middle stool, I placed my attaché on the stool to my right. Kyle, the bartender and I got familiar. Continue reading “Two Martinis – October 31, 2021”

Dancing in the Night – October 18, 2018

If your attention span exceeds 1300 words, click-out. Oh, and I used a naughty word. All Hallows e’en draws nigh… Photo courtesy PBWilcen (c) 2019 My apologies to new followers. After a spurt of posts the result of days of inclement weather and a need to pound on the keyboard, a bright, but brisk dayContinue reading “Dancing in the Night – October 18, 2018”

Leadfoot – November 4, 2020

“So, Shooter! First day of second grade tomorrow!  Excited?” “Not really, Daddy.” “Aw, you’ll like it.” “Daddy?” “Son?” “How fast is Momma allowed to drive?” “Fast as she needs, I guess.” “That’s what Momma shoulda told the police lady this afternoon.” “What?” “She asked Momma did she know how fast she was going.” “What’d MommaContinue reading “Leadfoot – November 4, 2020”

Groceries – October 16, 2020

Once again, it was time to trip to the local chain grocery to resupply. Not critical.  Just routine, so as not to “suddenly” be out of flour, sugar, coffee, or such.  And fresh veggies.  Limited shelf life, you know, necessitating trips to the grocery every week to ten days, those veggies. A year or soContinue reading “Groceries – October 16, 2020”

A Blog, Eh? – September 23, 2020

A piece of flash – Lenny was due on post. Packing his gear instead, he said Cap cut orders putting him on the transport waiting on the apron.  I reminded Lenny leaving this hell hole was a good thing.  He said it wasn’t and bummed a smoke.  His hands shook like Colorado Aspen in Autumn.Continue reading “A Blog, Eh? – September 23, 2020”