Dark (Flash) Fiction – February 26, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Trigger: dangerous situation Is there a difference between sane and crazy? Are sane and crazy opposite endpoints on a continuum?  Maybe instead of endpoints they are juxtaposed points on a continuum?  If so, how broad the dividing line between them? Where does crazy end and sane begin? Where does sane end and crazyContinue reading “Dark (Flash) Fiction – February 26, 2023”

Flash Blog – Septembler 29, 2020

graphix: spwilcen Subject: “All God’s creatures,” 250 words, ten minutes It’s no secret I find rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, moles, and voles to be despicable creatures, serving no good environmental purpose in an urban or other setting of human habitation. Also, deer, raccoons, opossums, and certain feathered fiends like robins, goldfinches, and starlings.  I’m not proposingContinue reading “Flash Blog – Septembler 29, 2020”

Six-Words of Story in Two-hundred Words – Septembler 10, 2022

Pictographix: spwilcen “What do you think of my six-word story: She had murderous hate for him.” “You’re not doing it correctly.” “What?” “That’s no six-word story.” “It’s six words!” “It has that that going for it.” “There you go!” “Makes it a six-word sentence.” “Story.” “Six words that make sense don’t make a six-word story.”Continue reading “Six-Words of Story in Two-hundred Words – Septembler 10, 2022”

A.I. – June 19, 2022

graphix: spwilcen “What’s this artificial intelligence thing I heard about?”“Something computer scientists are working on.”“Computer scientists, huh?”“Yeah.”“Good.”“Why is that?”“Means it’ll be smart, huh?”“Well, that’s not really it.”“What then?”“Human thought but faster. Flawless.”“It’ll be like a transplant, right?”“Umm. Don’t think that’s the way it’s gonna work.”“Hope they get it figured out soon.”“Why is that?”“I know severalContinue reading “A.I. – June 19, 2022”

Flash Blog: See? – May 21, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Lookit [what a play on words that one is!1] what I seed in the news feed this morning.  News of LED contact lenses to address certain vision problems. Not to correct, but to actively treat.  This is amazing.  Here’s the link to a Scitechdaily article. “What,” you ask, “so tickles the old curmudgeonContinue reading “Flash Blog: See? – May 21, 2022”

Worry – February 7, 2022

Graphix: spwilcen500 words; estimated 3:15 min read I’m a worrier. Always have been, prone to worry over insignificant things that sometimes haven’t happened, usually don’t.  Let me get worries sorted out, perturbances put to rest, lay down to rest myself, and my brain will jerk me out of deep sleep with some new nonsense itContinue reading “Worry – February 7, 2022”

New QC Director – December 11, 2021

Graphix: spwilcen “Ms. Lockes, do you have special talents, suiting you for QC Director?” “Oh yes, indeed!” “Would you share them with me?” “I believe it boils down to careful inspection, accepting nothing less than perfection.” “By that you mean?” “One cannot settle for undersize or oversize, insisting on exactly meeting specifications.” “Certainly.” “Simply stated,Continue reading “New QC Director – December 11, 2021”

Short Road Trip – November 18, 2021

Graphix: spwilcen Dispatched on an errand requiring I leave one parking lot, cross a busy boulevard into another lot and hoof it fifty yards to an office door, I debated: truck-or-walk?  Ciphering: total walk about two hundred yards.  Otherwise taking the truck required I walk thirty yards, deposit my butt into the truck, briefly drive,Continue reading “Short Road Trip – November 18, 2021”

From the Archives – September 28, 2021

Thought to look into the Archives. Found one I never put up on the old site. Sometimes we don’t notice what we see. Then we do. Changes perspective. Progress? Is it always good? Is it ever good? Makes me want to “go back” not in time but in to a gentler place. Saner. like ClaxburyContinue reading “From the Archives – September 28, 2021”