Be Prepared – Septembler 28, 2022

graphix: spwilcen All of a suddenly, summer beat feet.  In the space of a day, we went from bone dry, grass parching, shirt soaking heat, to long-sleeve cool, dehumidifier running wide-open all-day damp.  Predominantly cloudy, intermittent sprinkle, cool-damp. It’s kind of nice.  Not yet cool enough you can see your breath while chasing squirrels fromContinue reading “Be Prepared – Septembler 28, 2022”

September Chores – September 7, 2020

It’s getting to be the time of year I enjoy more than any other.  We’ve a few weeks, a very few weeks left until October.  The month of Halloween and harvest, followed quickly by Thanksgiving month, then Christmas month.  I’m not giving away my time, but it seems there may be a big change inContinue reading “September Chores – September 7, 2020”