Hidden Works – May 17, 2023

spwilcen “Fiction” hides from free access. For a very short time some work may be exposed for free reading. What are you in the mood for? Blueticks, GPSes, and Democrats Exposed 5/17/2023 Expired 5/24/2023Conversational anecdote. Ben and Cliff chat about training Ben’s young Bluetick, Beau.  Good at what Blueticks do best, Beau has a bitContinue reading “Hidden Works – May 17, 2023”

Surrender – May 14, 2023

spwilcen Carping about the advance of years frequently visits spwilcenwrites.  I have fun with it.  It’s often humorous, at least to me.  Might as well laugh about it, the only alternative being to cry. [Disclaimer: if you think you can eat enough kale and Brussels sprouts, run enough marathons, wear out sufficient Stairmasters, and decorateContinue reading “Surrender – May 14, 2023”

Fancy a Bit of Poemetry? – April 24, 2023

graphx: spwilcen This is something of a limer-epic.  Why not? A good limericist [poemetrist exercising limerick muscles, and we are familiar with a few] tells [or makes readers imagine] a story in five lines.  Why not capitalize on setting and character, extending through several verses, prolonging humor [or anguish]?  MA: Ribaldry, language   

Bile – April 10, 2023

graphx: spwilcen I am oddly bilious today. “Oddly” may strike many of you odd itself, led to believe from posts of late that in concert with my good standing as a crotchety old summich, bilious is “normal” for me. Not so.  I laugh as much as anyone; more than most.  I enjoy a good laughContinue reading “Bile – April 10, 2023”

If You are Interested – March 23, 2023

graphx: spwilcen PSA Just completed a link to the Fiction/noir page allowing access to the whole of “Puppetman” previously published as a six-part serial. In case you missed it. Or [snicker] in case you are a noir(police) fan and want to re-read it. Lexiphobes “Puppet Man” is too much of a challenge for you. WhileContinue reading “If You are Interested – March 23, 2023”

Dress for the Season – Novober 10, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Cowboy Sartorial In keeping with the new modus operandi, you can’t dine here. This is a creative piece, To see it, you must work for it. Most won’t. That too, is something of an established modus opperandi. That the? Didn’t make the cut for “Tales of the West” compilation.  Still, it wasn’t badContinue reading “Dress for the Season – Novober 10, 2022”

What I Am and What I Ain’t – February 25, 2022

Graphix: spwilcen Note to Ed Woz: the post I alluded to is deferred.  Sorry. — After reading one of my incendiary or idiotic posts, curious folk have asked, among other questions, if I’m really that much an idiot, that much a sexist, that flipping old, if I’ve missed my morning meds, and who really posedContinue reading “What I Am and What I Ain’t – February 25, 2022”

Dit-dit-dah-dit and All the Ships at Sea – December 12, 2021

Graphix: spwilcen Some of you out there in “bored to tears, so reading spwilcen” land know where this keyboard temporarily rests.  A few of you may know its eventual relocation-point.   The majority of you have only a general idea where I’m from, where I’m headed, and probably suspect while not behind bars, my handlers useContinue reading “Dit-dit-dah-dit and All the Ships at Sea – December 12, 2021”

New QC Director – December 11, 2021

Graphix: spwilcen “Ms. Lockes, do you have special talents, suiting you for QC Director?” “Oh yes, indeed!” “Would you share them with me?” “I believe it boils down to careful inspection, accepting nothing less than perfection.” “By that you mean?” “One cannot settle for undersize or oversize, insisting on exactly meeting specifications.” “Certainly.” “Simply stated,Continue reading “New QC Director – December 11, 2021”

Sh-h-h. Quiet. I’m Thinking – December 1, 2021

Graphix: spwilcen I know what I need to dress-up and get posted today.  Problem is, two of my protagonists and I are in the middle of a heated discussion over a change in plot.1 If you’ve sadly followed my drivel for any time, you know much of my dialogue2 develops when I place two orContinue reading “Sh-h-h. Quiet. I’m Thinking – December 1, 2021”