Dress for the Season – Novober 10, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Cowboy Sartorial In keeping with the new modus operandi, you can’t dine here. This is a creative piece, To see it, you must work for it. Most won’t. That too, is something of an established modus opperandi. That the? Didn’t make the cut for “Tales of the West” compilation.  Still, it wasn’t badContinue reading “Dress for the Season – Novober 10, 2022”

What I Am and What I Ain’t – February 25, 2022

Graphix: spwilcen Note to Ed Woz: the post I alluded to is deferred.  Sorry. — After reading one of my incendiary or idiotic posts, curious folk have asked, among other questions, if I’m really that much an idiot, that much a sexist, that flipping old, if I’ve missed my morning meds, and who really posedContinue reading “What I Am and What I Ain’t – February 25, 2022”

Dit-dit-dah-dit and All the Ships at Sea – December 12, 2021

Graphix: spwilcen Some of you out there in “bored to tears, so reading spwilcen” land know where this keyboard temporarily rests.  A few of you may know its eventual relocation-point.   The majority of you have only a general idea where I’m from, where I’m headed, and probably suspect while not behind bars, my handlers useContinue reading “Dit-dit-dah-dit and All the Ships at Sea – December 12, 2021”

New QC Director – December 11, 2021

Graphix: spwilcen “Ms. Lockes, do you have special talents, suiting you for QC Director?” “Oh yes, indeed!” “Would you share them with me?” “I believe it boils down to careful inspection, accepting nothing less than perfection.” “By that you mean?” “One cannot settle for undersize or oversize, insisting on exactly meeting specifications.” “Certainly.” “Simply stated,Continue reading “New QC Director – December 11, 2021”

Sh-h-h. Quiet. I’m Thinking – December 1, 2021

Graphix: spwilcen I know what I need to dress-up and get posted today.  Problem is, two of my protagonists and I are in the middle of a heated discussion over a change in plot.1 If you’ve sadly followed my drivel for any time, you know much of my dialogue2 develops when I place two orContinue reading “Sh-h-h. Quiet. I’m Thinking – December 1, 2021”

Speed Trap – October 22, 2021

Graphic by spwilcen Through L.A. I was cruising.(Slang for Lower Alabama.)Headed home from Baton Rouge,To my place outside Savannah. In the mirror, bright lights flickered onWhen the sheriff’s car behind me(Outta nowhere seemed to come)To become a Christmas tree. Up walked a deputy – a big and burly dude,Dark glasses and a Stetson’s what heContinue reading “Speed Trap – October 22, 2021”

Primal Urges – September 29, 2021

Mildly NSFW if you’ve a ribald mind. Rooster Brewster, wattle, comb, and sickle,Charms barnyard ladies unchaste and fickle.When he struts his finest plume,Hens and pullets simply swoon.In all the coops in all the flocks,Hens declare him ‘king of cocks.’ (In strictest confidence, of course.) Euphrates Prince, standing stud,Well-muscled stallion, bluest blood,Sets mares’ and fillies’ earsContinue reading “Primal Urges – September 29, 2021”

Polite Arguments – September 27 2021

Fair warning. Almost a rant, and lexiphobes should steer clear. Kinda NSFW, too. Certain groups of people I will not argue with if I know who they are, or if, in my admittedly flawed way I think I can determine who they are. Or as is said in the backwards1 ‘south,’ where they be comin’Continue reading “Polite Arguments – September 27 2021”

Asked Alice – August 7, 2021

Why yes, all you need do is ask… “So, then,” asked Alice W, “can you tell me which way is ‘up’?” “Why is that,” asked M Rabbit, answering Alice’s question with his own, “so terribly important?” “Why, I ever so much would dearly love to go back to where I feel safe.” From across theContinue reading “Asked Alice – August 7, 2021”

Fluff – November 9, 2020

Working on a major piece which may not make the cut.  I figure it’s a good piece.  It has several things going against it:  (1) I think it’s good. That means for everyone else, it’s a yawner. (2) It’s long. 7K words. No WordPresser I know is going to put up with that.  Fact ofContinue reading “Fluff – November 9, 2020”