Ramble Rumblings – October 7, 2020

Playing fair Don’t ask me why, but I give equal time to Democranks and Repullicans.  Curious: I bump into a Democrank who impresses me with what s/he writes or says, they begin to make points with their rationalization.  Not often, now and again.  As if they sense it’s time for the kill, they press onContinue reading “Ramble Rumblings – October 7, 2020”

Liars and Lying – August 28, 2020

Having entered the High Election Season, time for demented distortions, fertile fibbing, specious spin-doctoring, Pinocchio prevarication, and out-and-out ludicrous lying, it might be a wonderful exercise to contemplate the good and bad of the art form.  If not wonderful, at least interesting.  Or maddening.  What makes a good liar?  What makes a great liar?  IsContinue reading “Liars and Lying – August 28, 2020”