It’s Okay to Lie to Your Children – Septembler, 20, 2022

all this graphix junk: spwilcen Sarcastic opinion, kiddies.No worries, Lexiphobes, not even five bucks Momma said “If you keep making that face, Junebug, it’s gonna freeze like that for the rest of your life.” Which explains, why so many {expletive} butt-ugly people are running around today – Momma was right. Eat your broccoli No, notContinue reading “It’s Okay to Lie to Your Children – Septembler, 20, 2022”

File Under – May 9, 2022

photo: spwilcen Loose Change Lies are resilient. Millennia are required to erase a lie. At best, lies are only unrecognizably eroded. Truth is fragile.  Truth often dies at birth. The faintest wind of deceit forever destroys truth. © spwilcen 2022 — Forget I said that.The jury will disregard…People say…That’s not the way I heard it.