Talltree Technology Beat Part I – March 9, 2022

Graphix: spwilcen Short story serial 700 words and change; approximately 5 minutes read time, mas o menos. Notes on plausible openings for Talltree Technology Beat My usual Talltree Times and Trader haunt is “Ask Mister Fixit” – a column handing-out sage advice, common sense really, for those in difficult relationships.  In season, I’ll offer provenContinue reading “Talltree Technology Beat Part I – March 9, 2022”

Mister Fixit – January 13, 2022

Discount advice for the lovelorn.  Preventing social gaffs.  Shop tips.  Clever gardening. TPhotograph: spwilcen Mr. Fixit is an irregular contributor to Talltree Times and Trader.  When not dispensing solid advice, he putzes in his woodshop, raises enough fruit and vegetables on his Wyoming spread to survive four Wyoming seasons and feed pesky rabbits, deer, andContinue reading “Mister Fixit – January 13, 2022”