Eye of the Beholder – July 9, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Larry and Roger “There’s a truck I ain’t seen before. Recognize it, Larry?” “What? Where, Rodge?” “There. Just turned off County Line Road onto Territorial.” “Oh. That’s Mrs. Elbert.  Lives over on Cawson road.  Her and Mr. Elbert farm about four-hundred acres behind the old Thornton place.  Raise hogs.” “Oh.  Know them.  NiceContinue reading “Eye of the Beholder – July 9, 2022”

A Choice to be Made – October 2, 2021

Unaccustomed to insubordination, Loo Wan wrestled with his decision.  A fine line of authority and understanding was necessary.  There were those in his tong.  All must understand. Mr. Loo had not dealt with challenge since he had relocated his business from Macau to London. “Mr. Loo, you have called me?” “Yes, Mr. Chin. Bring SoContinue reading “A Choice to be Made – October 2, 2021”

Setting the Record Straight – May 6, 2021

Many tales are told today to children in the manner of Aesop1, to impart morality, common sense, and understanding of the ways of the world.  These tales fail their purpose.  Miserably.  They paint life innocuously.  In colors not true to real life.  Life has bumps and bruises.  Nicks and scrapes.  Life comes with portions ofContinue reading “Setting the Record Straight – May 6, 2021”

Impostare le Cose in Chiaro – 6 maggio 2021

Molte storie vengono raccontate oggi ai bambini alla maniera di Esopo1, per impartire moralità, buon senso e comprensione delle vie del mondo. Questi racconti falliscono nel loro scopo. Miserabilmente. Dipingono la vita in modo innocuo. In colori non fedeli alla vita reale. La vita ha urti e contusioni. Tacche e graffi. La vita arriva conContinue reading “Impostare le Cose in Chiaro – 6 maggio 2021”