Odds & Ends – June 3, 2023

Again today 100 degrees. Maybe 101. Who knows? I was having fun baling hay, so couldn’t stand around watching the weather station thermometer. graphx: spwilcen If this is a pattern, we’re in for a world of hurt. This is June wearing a diaper. We have July to look forward to. Ohboyohboy! Then August. August inContinue reading “Odds & Ends – June 3, 2023”

Loose Change – May 7, 2023

spwilcenski Having difficulty believing no one has pontificated exactly so, I extended my search for previous writers’ efforts to incorporate a second, broader search and came up with zip. Now on record with that, I full well expect someone out there to roundly chastise me and beat me about the head and ears with aContinue reading “Loose Change – May 7, 2023”

Physics 101 – April 2, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Nothing of substance on the blog today.  If you want to see the new CBM entry, make nice with the link below.  If you’re already tired because there are so many words here, and vexed there are no kitty cats or doggies and not a single spinning emoticon, you’re good to go! SeeContinue reading “Physics 101 – April 2, 2023”

Calipers, Blades, and Mallets – February 7, 2023

spwilcen Going forward  – Calipers, Blades, MalletsKicked a StoneLoose Change(and if resumed)Pennysworth PhilosophyNickel Notionsand Mini Insults – will post under Fiction. Posts will include links. Today’s Calipers, Blades, and Mallets

See a Penny? – March 25, 2022

Graphix: spwilcen Usually bump a stone with the toe of my boot, paying more attention to the sky than to the gravel road.  Today, I saw a penny in the dust.  Not a nickel or a quarter.  A penny.  Not a bright brass-brown penny, rather a scuffed nondescript penny patinaed by time to indescribable earthyContinue reading “See a Penny? – March 25, 2022”

Calipers, Blades, and Mallets – February 15, 2022

Graphix: spwilcen Measure the timber often but you’ll not know your measurements are precise until the saw bites wood. Calipers, Blades, and Mallets February 4, 2022Frankly, I Forget August 5, 2021Short and Sweet May 3, 2021

Calipers, Blades, and Mallets – February 4, 2022

Graphix: spwilcen If you insist on speaking in clever riddles expect to be often misunderstood. — Somagun it’s cold here! I’d like to work a bit more on this, but I have an opportunity to go outside to play in the snow. Photo: spwilcen Where’d I leave my snow shovel?

Heat – January 27, 2021

Often when writing, a character sets to arguing with me about where a piece should go.  Best way to handle that is to excuse myself from the story and slam the editor closed on him/her/it1.  After a cup of coffee or glass of iced tea, I extend my break catching up with world news andContinue reading “Heat – January 27, 2021”