Oddly – June 4, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Oddly? Yes. Oddly. I’m working with a dismal lack of progress to complete a vignette showcasing distortions in recollections brought about or exacerbated by time. A poemetric piece, no less! The semi-autobigraphicamalous1 voice I employ in the piece struggles to recall recollections2 that perhaps were faulty to begin with but further clouded byContinue reading “Oddly – June 4, 2023”

A Vignette – May 25, 2023

graphx: spwilcen MA: Language, not squeaky-PC, old dude at work. Lexiphobes: 1600+ words. Eeek! This morning I’ve scheduled myself to wrap four [count’m – four!] poems quarantined in my “Get around to” folder.  Yupper, I don’t usually write poemetry.  Indeed, many passersby likely recall a certain and uncivil outspokenness about things “poemetric” recorded here inContinue reading “A Vignette – May 25, 2023”

Fancy a Bit of Poemetry? – April 24, 2023

graphx: spwilcen This is something of a limer-epic.  Why not? A good limericist [poemetrist exercising limerick muscles, and we are familiar with a few] tells [or makes readers imagine] a story in five lines.  Why not capitalize on setting and character, extending through several verses, prolonging humor [or anguish]?  MA: Ribaldry, language   

unpunctuated march 24 2023

graphx spwilcen grammar dismissed i dont need no punctuationbecause i am an individual independent freeunbounded by rules designed + foisted off on innocents by tyrannical pigs               + smug bastidsdont need no f***ing commas periods colons semicolonsdont need no f***ing punctuation no way dictated by some old & outdated rules  and outdated codgers + prissy oldContinue reading “unpunctuated march 24 2023”

Dress for the Season – Novober 10, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Cowboy Sartorial In keeping with the new modus operandi, you can’t dine here. This is a creative piece, To see it, you must work for it. Most won’t. That too, is something of an established modus opperandi. That the? Didn’t make the cut for “Tales of the West” compilation.  Still, it wasn’t badContinue reading “Dress for the Season – Novober 10, 2022”

Questions – May 27, 2022

graphix: spwilcen NSFW Mature audiences. Language, innuendo, sex, PC-ineptitude. Hang in there. I’m getting to it. Poetry? A clever young lad – call him “Bart,”Thought he knew what best to call ‘art.’Some art that Bart favored,Deliciously savored,More resembled the sludge of a fart.1 — According to masterclass.com, limericks are a “popular form among amateur [emphasisContinue reading “Questions – May 27, 2022”

The Interview – May 12, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Mouseover: Lexiphobes! Rejoice! Less than 500 words. Your coffee won’t even have time to cool down.” Blogger: Why do you follow my blog? Reader: I dunno.  I’m not sure, but I think I wasn’t paying attention, wanted to go back to that page that shows all the good stuff to look at becauseContinue reading “The Interview – May 12, 2022”

Technicolor Dreams – April 25, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Insanity Ward1 had a bit of a mishap dispensing my meds a while back.  Lead to him taking a bit of vacation.  Seems for a normal brain, some of my meds have long-term, unpredictable consequence. Some of us, the more capricious of the residents here, are now breaking-in a new attendant, Reginald, aContinue reading “Technicolor Dreams – April 25, 2022”

Unsolicited Endorsement No. 5 – November 14, 2021

Graphics by spwilcen The skilled craftsmanWorks at his art, his eye, aBrush,Words, or hisLens. He “sees.”Then creates beautifully – aPainting,Prose, or aPhotograph. He studies the mastersWhether he agrees with them,Admires them,Understands them,Or not. He pauses, andReflects.Shares what he “sees”With you and me.We too, “see.” – Por favor, en español– El artesano habilidosoTrabajos en su arte,Continue reading “Unsolicited Endorsement No. 5 – November 14, 2021”

Unsolicited Endorsements No. 4 – November 14, 2021

Graphix by spwilcen Six words written. Dusty edits, posts. That was… Okay, you understand flash fiction takes skill?You betcha!You tried it?What’s your word goal?A thou?Five hundred?C-note?Half-dollar?Two bits? How about six words?  Call it Micro Flash. Hemingway did it. When not reviewing and explaining famous works or biographing notables, this poet regularly flashes fiction under aContinue reading “Unsolicited Endorsements No. 4 – November 14, 2021”