Morning Brief – September 2, 2022

graphix: spwilcen (Broadcast version) Is this Cancel Culture? Not certain because neither the ICM or UUC could be reached for comment on underlying reasons. The International Council of Mushrooms announced today it would no longer allow Ugly Unicorn Cola to pitch themselves as official cola of the ICM. [Ed note] The Daily Blabber not yetContinue reading “Morning Brief – September 2, 2022”

Stereotype – March 11, 2021

A typically cold, snowy, winter day in Rhode Island, it was not brutally cold, but windy and cold enough even properly dressed you were very quickly and dangerously uncomfortable.  Bob Zwick was a beat cop.  Not like London England or New York City beat cops who can comfortably walk a “beat,” a beat cop atContinue reading “Stereotype – March 11, 2021”