Production Woes – February 5, 2023

spwilcen “Awright, kiddies, let’s get this blog post put to bed!” “Not ready yet, J.R.!” “Whozzat?” “Wendy Liftwitz, J.R., Graphics Coordinator.” “Well, Wendy Leftwhizz, what the hell do you mean? We’re scheduled to post in forty-five!” “Forty-three, J.R.!” “Now whodahell izzat?” “Bert Pendergast, J.R., Timing and Scheduling.” “Fine. So?” “Down to forty-two minutes and thirty-eightContinue reading “Production Woes – February 5, 2023”

Call It What It Is – March 16, 2022

Picture and graphics by spwilcen If anyone from any healthcare provider approaches1 you and says, “Here, sign up for this patient portal. It’ll make your life so-o-o much easier.” You should loudly call Bullshit. Those of you already tired of reading this post and looking for a propitious moment to click-away, let me first leaveContinue reading “Call It What It Is – March 16, 2022”