Kicked a Stone – June 14, 2022

photo: spwilcen Inclement weather this morning.  Could have walked.  Chose not to.  Took a long mental walk. Still, there were stones beneath my feet.  Impossible not to scuff a few with my boots.  If you watch, every life event talks to you of who you are, maybe, if you pay close attention, who you ratherContinue reading “Kicked a Stone – June 14, 2022”

Remember Clutch? – May 10, 2021

Gracie would happily play the role of “Cat” Introducing Cat “Whoa! When’d you get here?” “This morning.” “Why here?” “I’m a cat. Do pretty much whatever the hell I want.” “I can see that. That you’re a cat, I mean.” “That doesn’t bother you? That I’m a cat?” “Not particularly.” “Why not? You’re a dog,Continue reading “Remember Clutch? – May 10, 2021”