Eye of the Beholder – July 9, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Larry and Roger “There’s a truck I ain’t seen before. Recognize it, Larry?” “What? Where, Rodge?” “There. Just turned off County Line Road onto Territorial.” “Oh. That’s Mrs. Elbert.  Lives over on Cawson road.  Her and Mr. Elbert farm about four-hundred acres behind the old Thornton place.  Raise hogs.” “Oh.  Know them.  NiceContinue reading “Eye of the Beholder – July 9, 2022”

Roger and Larry – February 20, 2022

graphix: spwilcen “Whatcha doing, Roger?” “Practicing my guitar.” “Gonna break into show biz, huh?” “Actually, yes.” “You’re joshing me, right?” “Nope.” “You’re okay around the campfire, Roger, but I’d stick with plumbing if I was you.” “Not fair, you know?” “What?” “The ladies.” “C’mon Roger.  Gimme a clue here.  Guitar.  Ladies.  Make some sense.” “YouContinue reading “Roger and Larry – February 20, 2022”