Morning Brief – January 4, 2023

graphix: spwilcen Answered prayers From our MSM friends at NBC News – Whoa-up Californica!  Get your buckets out. Build reservoirs in Beverly’s Hills. This is a dream come true; you’re getting the water you covet.  Get busy.  This way you won’t have to build a pipeline from the Great Lakes with Federal funds to keepContinue reading “Morning Brief – January 4, 2023”

Aisle Three, Today Only – September 30, 2020

Seems about right: $100.00 to $1,295.00 for tennis shoes.1   Tennis anyone? I can buy half a dozen tee-shirts for $14.00.  For $19.95 I can get one with some company’s logo and slogan ink-screened on it.  Um.  No-brainer. For $8.99 I can buy 10 ounces of primo Ethiopian coffee grounds – makes about 50 cups ofContinue reading “Aisle Three, Today Only – September 30, 2020”