Tower of Babel – August 11, 2022

graphix: spwilcenqueued 7-29-2022 So, they asked Q215: Should long titles be allowed or banned? Yes No A215:    1 Technically correct Implied here, but not entirely clear, this typifies questions seeking yes/no, true/false, or one-of-multiple-choice responses.  Technically, the answer is correct.  Or not. The question itself suggests a dichotomy. Which tosses up the “Black and WhiteContinue reading “Tower of Babel – August 11, 2022”

Rantless Ramble – January 6, 2021

Twelfth Night We’ve been blessed or cursed1 by unseasonably mild weather this last week.  Christmas Eve, it snowed.  Not Michigan, Dakota, or Buffalo snow, but a decent snow worthy of Currier and Ives.  Since then, we’ve enjoyed a few overnight lows down as far as twenty,2 a few days with mid-thirty high temperatures, and manyContinue reading “Rantless Ramble – January 6, 2021”

Oh Say Can You See? – October 22, 2020

My mouth runs away. Remember, I write as I talk. If you’re feeling all Baptist, scoot on to the next email or WP reader entry. I’m feeling a little testy. Survey sez – Been completing some on-line surveys.  You know, sharing the wisdom of my years with the world.  Offering conservative balance against the liberalContinue reading “Oh Say Can You See? – October 22, 2020”