Sticks and Stones – August 25, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Lexiphobes: don’t read the notes and you’ll survive the stress at less than 400 words. Observation We don’t like it when someone “calls us a name.”  Especially when they are spot-on.  For some reason peculiar to the human animal1 we don’t mind someone jabbing at us with a slur that is so farContinue reading “Sticks and Stones – August 25, 2022”

Eye of the Beholder – July 9, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Larry and Roger “There’s a truck I ain’t seen before. Recognize it, Larry?” “What? Where, Rodge?” “There. Just turned off County Line Road onto Territorial.” “Oh. That’s Mrs. Elbert.  Lives over on Cawson road.  Her and Mr. Elbert farm about four-hundred acres behind the old Thornton place.  Raise hogs.” “Oh.  Know them.  NiceContinue reading “Eye of the Beholder – July 9, 2022”

Third Attempt – October 4, 2021

My determination is that I am too judgmental. Odd. I thought I was making real progress toward being more tolerant, more understanding. Not forgiving, you understand, just tolerant.  Hmm.  If the stew has too much salt, I am judgmental in saying so?  Then, I resign, I am too judgmental. Twice before this effort this morning,Continue reading “Third Attempt – October 4, 2021”

Polite Arguments – September 27 2021

Fair warning. Almost a rant, and lexiphobes should steer clear. Kinda NSFW, too. Certain groups of people I will not argue with if I know who they are, or if, in my admittedly flawed way I think I can determine who they are. Or as is said in the backwards1 ‘south,’ where they be comin’Continue reading “Polite Arguments – September 27 2021”

Remember Clutch? – May 10, 2021

Gracie would happily play the role of “Cat” Introducing Cat “Whoa! When’d you get here?” “This morning.” “Why here?” “I’m a cat. Do pretty much whatever the hell I want.” “I can see that. That you’re a cat, I mean.” “That doesn’t bother you? That I’m a cat?” “Not particularly.” “Why not? You’re a dog,Continue reading “Remember Clutch? – May 10, 2021”

Leth Try Thith Again – May 5, 2021

“Um, excuse me, sir.” “Yeth?” “This garden screen fabric?” “Yeth?” “Looks like it’s all one piece.  Is it?” “Themeleth.” “What?” “Ith themeleth.” “You mean it has no themes?” “Are you making fun of me?” “What?” “My lithp?” “What’s wrong with your lips?” “Not lipth.  Lithp.” “I’m sorry.  I don’t understand.” “Thith impediment. Had it allContinue reading “Leth Try Thith Again – May 5, 2021”

Withdrawn – April 27, 2021

Approaching 1600 words, what started out as today’s post just got dumped into the Ain’t never gonna see the light of day folder. Subject was “conversation” and how in the current political/social environment, serious conversation often deteriorates into confrontation.  Why, and how, with examples from life.  My life, but life and experience, as participant andContinue reading “Withdrawn – April 27, 2021”